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Follow-up I'm seeing a few stating reasons as bad knees. Here is the long story behind my knees and me walking again. NO I Can't pound pavement, never did like it. Here is my concern.

An x-ray and MRI can easily tell what kind of pain it is. Then the doctor and you can know you are proceeding on the correct path to healing.

1. Pain in the knee if caused by arthritis can be relieved by injections.
2. Pain can also be relieved by wearing shoes with a gel heel, to prevent impact.
3. Limit your walking on paved surfaces.
4. Never walk, stand, etc. in bare feet, there is no cushion for the knees and back.

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Well-done! Congratulations! You're right. A lot of the obstacles we face, are self-imposed.

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This is a personal challenge to anyone who says they can't. Take a few moments and read about my 1st 5K walk since 1995.

Yes, I'm boasting but for a purpose. On Saturday morning, Nov. 5, 2011, in a dense fog and chilly morning, I walked a 5k for the 1st time since 1995. My time was 54:16. I was the oldest participant. The next oldest was a man at 62 and a woman at 61.

Why is that significant? I have arthritis in both knees. Right now, I am waiting until Nov. 17 to get my next cartiledge injections. I have arthritis in my lumbar spine at the points where the sciatic nerves for both legs are. I cannot walk much on pavement, about 1/3 of the walk had to be done on the grass.

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