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6/28/11 1:20 P

I've read on here and other places that diet can account for up to 80% of a person's weight loss. You say that you don't eat, but if you didn't then you wouldn't have any weight to lose. Maybe you are eating a lot of bad for you things without really noticing that you are doing it. Do you drink soda? Coffee drinks? Alcohol? You could be consuming too many calories through those means and not register it as "eating."

My suggestion is to track your food intake honestly for a few weeks to see if you are within the range that allows you to burn calories. You may too high or too low, but it definitely has to do with eating. I know you said that you lost weight before without changing your diet, but that is not working this time so you may need to look at your food choices. Good luck!

BALDWINJ_03 Posts: 1,220
6/28/11 1:05 P

You are JUST LIKE me!! I don't eat good at all. I eat fast food atleast a few times a week, etc. I drink Ensure to make sure I'm getting some nutrients too.

ELBALL Posts: 156
6/28/11 1:02 P

My first thought is that you're not eating enough based on how much you're exercising. Another thought is that you should visit the doctor and have a few tests run, including a thyroid test. Also, if you're under a lot of stress, your body may be extra stubborn about shedding weight.

My exercise advice is to space out your daily exercise. A recent study showed that it's best to exercise twice a day versus once, if you want to increase your metabolism. That is, instead of exercising in one two-hour block, exercise for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.

Eating related advice is to maybe mix up what you're eating within your food boundaries. For example, if your calories come from 25% dairy, 25% fruit, 25% chips, and 25% slimfast, then change the proportions around. Or add another meal or snack to your day.

Good luck!

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6/28/11 12:56 P

Hopefully, a SP nutritionist will see this and pop in. I was wondering also, what do you eat then? I found once I cut out all the junk and eating out, that there were lots of great foods that taste wonderful now.

JEGKA- Posts: 103
6/28/11 12:43 P

I would disagree that it isn't eating related. What you eat can have an impact just like how much you eat.

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6/28/11 12:36 P

I do take multi vitaims and drink slimfast (not for weight loss but it has the same thing but a higher percentage of vitamins than Ensure and it's cheaper) I eat tons of fruit and junk food.

AMBERLEIGHM1 Posts: 1,515
6/28/11 10:23 A

I would consider protein and supplement shakes in your diet since you don't eat meat and vegetables. I would talk to a nutritionist or a doctor like Red Shoes recommended.

Log your calories and make sure you are eating enough for how much you are exercising because if you aren't that will make a difference in your weight loss.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
6/27/11 11:50 P

what do you eat then?

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6/27/11 11:43 P

Take a chat with your doctor and explain to him how you have got by.. He may be able to direct you to help.. Or explain the connects why your weight loss stopped.. You have made up your mind you won't eat things, I think it's time to talk to a doctor..

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6/27/11 8:23 P

with all that exercising are you getting enough calories?

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6/27/11 5:31 P

Okay, so I have never been a healthy eater. I don't eat meat or veggies, they make me gag no matter how they are prepared. And I have never been big on eating. Before I had my son I forget to eat for day cause I'm hardly ever hungary. When I got prego I would eat three meals a day even if I wasn't hungary. And I eat at least once a day. Before I had my son I started to excersice to lose weight and lost about thirty pounds in little less than a year. My eating habits never made me gain or lose weight. Now I need to lost the baby weight I gained. I lost twenty so far and need to lose another thirty pounds. Since April, the scale has stopped going down. I've changed up my excersize routine, add at least six more hours of workout time a week. (I started riding my bike instead of driving and add an hour walk three mornings a week). I workout at least two hours a day while my son is takin a nap.

Can anyone give me some advice to get over this hurdle that's not eating related? I'm sorry but I've tried to change up my eating habits since I've joined SP and it hasn't worked and last time I didn't change my eating habits and lost weight just fine.

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