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1/25/11 7:53 A

I just did the Cabbage Soup diet about 2 weeks ago, and I am actually starting it again today. I have major portion control issues along with emotional eating and major junk food cravings. I used the diet as a way to kick start my healthy eating, and I chose it because it did not seem like I would be starving myself. I LOVED it. Day one and the banana day was very hard.

You CAN eat as much soup as you want, but I think the idea is you have to teach yourself how to choose other things when you're hungry, other than soup. I only had soup at mealtimes, like when I would normally eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. I would also have a bowl if I was extremely hungry. But throughout the entire week, on all except one day where I had 4, I never had more than 3 bowls a day.

I used whatever else I was allowed to eat to passify myself when I had cravings. Like when I would think I was hungry an hour after lunch on my veggie days, I would have a bowl of steamed broccoli. Definitely fill yourself with fruit and vegetables.

I'm excited to start again, because I let myself get off track the last two week. Try it again, and good luck!

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1/22/11 1:00 P

i think soup is great for lunch and a chef's salad is good for dinner. my new favorite soup is a 16 oz bag of frozen mixed veggies cooked according to directions. i then put 3/4 cup of water in each of two large soup bowls and add a bouillion cube to each and microwave them until the cube dissolves. then remove and add half the bag to each bowl with two tbs, of parmesan on top of each. also keep a lowfat coleslaw in the fridge to mix in the salad.

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1/21/11 7:16 P

I tried it several years ago, the soup was tasty.

It is a diet that flushes your system out. It's not a diet that I could continue for very long. With the loss of fluids. When you start eating again the fluids will be replenished and the weigh lost is only temporary.
The soup diet was only suppose to last a week when I done it, in order to flush your system out..and then it was time to start a good healthy way of eating and exercise for continued weight lose.

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1/21/11 5:06 P

I have been eating cabbage soup for a straight week. Despite what my co-workers believe, I think it's pretty tasty! I have lost four pounds, but I notice that it is costing me a lot of calories. The website I got the recipe from from said you can eat as much as you want, and I have been! MY QUESTION: Am I fooling myself and eating the soup for nothing? The calories add up fast! Has anyone else tried this? And did it work for you?
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