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5/2/12 7:34 P

You should follow the expiration date printed on the label.
Dietitian Becky

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4/30/12 7:52 P

Found this info from:

Does Whey Protein Have an expiry Date?

All whey protein products have a printed expiration date on the label or container. People have complained of severe stomach upset and other illness from taking out of date powder, this is most likely due to breakdown of the excipients in whey protein powder, such as colorings and flavors. The whey powder itself is usually dated from a couple of years after manufacture and after this, the nutritional values cannot be guaranteed as still being accurate. For these reasons, the expiration date should be adhered to.

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4/30/12 7:50 P

Hmm...just guessing, if it was opened & got moisture in it it could get funky.

Share it & use it up by the end of June!

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4/30/12 7:38 P

Does whey protein expire? Does it still give the same benefit as the just bought whey protein?? The one I have expires in June 2012 and I wanna make sure I will get the full benefit of using it, since I bought it 2 years ago.

Thank you!!

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