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KSWEETSHINE142 Posts: 780
8/1/08 1:41 P

I think that walking will burn more calories. The problem with leisurely biking is that you rest too much (i.e. you don't pedal when you go downhill). If you want a good biking workout, you have to change the speeds constantly and you have to constantly be pedaling. When you walk at a moderate pace, it will probably still take you longer to reach your distance than the bike would. Therefore, you are sweating for a longer period and burning more calories.

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7/31/08 11:35 P

hmm, I think if you're doing them for the same amount of TIME biking does, but if it's the same DISTANCE then it's walking.

7/31/08 6:57 P

If you go the same distance then walk, if you go the same time then bike. Biking burns more calories per minute but walking will burn more calories per mile.

INUKAG4VR Posts: 2
7/31/08 3:13 P

u know, im pretty sure biking does, but since a bike is faster, u may have to add more time to ur ride.

TANAKRIS Posts: 23
7/31/08 2:05 P

i am sure that walking burns way more calories, if you go the same distance because when you rider a bike it takes a few minutes. if you were to walk it takes longer to go the same distance, so you burn more.

WOAHX5 Posts: 12
7/29/08 6:41 A

Does it look stupid if I just walk, jog, or bike around my neighborhood?? LOL If you saw me out your window, would you think running around was weird?? emoticon

7/29/08 2:10 A

if it were me instead of taking a 30 min walk i'd rather take a 30 min bike ride.
the higher intensity will not only burn more during the work out but also burns alot during recovery time [=

JENNYK14 Posts: 38
7/29/08 1:36 A

umm i think that biking does more..
not just by burning calories
but biking also really helps to tone your thighs.

7/24/08 11:47 P

it depends on the distance.
if your doing 3 miles walking burns more calories.

LEXI15 Posts: 618
7/23/08 9:05 P

Umm not sure, i walked half way through the first division of my neighborhood then jogged the second half and then about 30 min. after i rode my bike through that whole division. i feel great for it and hopefully i can do it everyday now^^ both

BADNAME Posts: 289
7/23/08 7:51 P

I think walking because biking your only moving you legs. When you are walking you are moving your arms a little bit.

>____< Posts: 159
7/23/08 6:56 P

If I'm traveling the same distance, will I burn more calories by walking at a leisurely pace or biking at a slow to moderate pace?

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