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5/29/10 7:19 A

I lost the first 30 or so pounds without exercise. Eating a good healthy diet with proper portions is key to loosing weight. Exercise is primary for being fit. I run 250 - 300 km per month. I could easily put on weight in spite of that just by eating more. I am close to my goal weight, and I am trying to support my running with heathly food, so taking weight off is more difficult.

When you start exercising you main initially gain a bit of weight due to water retention. Some will tell you perhaps you have gained muscle and it is weight more, but this is typically not the cause of earily weight gain.

A good plan is to measure your body and use this along with weight to track your progress. You may find that you loose inches before you loose pounds.

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5/29/10 6:59 A

Thanks to all for the responses. I appreciate knowing that others care!

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5/28/10 2:59 P

Thanks for the info

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5/28/10 1:46 P

It depends. Can doing too much exercise hinder your weight loss ? Yes, if you're not eating enough to support any extra exercise you're doing. Exercising too much and eating too little can hinder your weight loss efforts.

To lose weight, we need to create a caloric deficit i.e. calories in versus calories out. However, while the math may work on paper, the biochemistry is much more complex. Your body does need calories in order to function properly. If it doesn't get enough to fuel it's processes, it will start slowing down those processes in order to save energy (calories).

I know this is going to sound strange, but a person has to eat in order to lose. Eat enough to sustain your daily activities as well as your workouts.

Here's the thing, I walk a hour or more a day. That's at least 7+ hours of cardiovascular exercise right there. Walking that many hours did not inhibit my weight loss.

Can a person get too much exercise ? Yes, but it depends on the person and how intense the workout is. Taking a daily walk is one thing. Running 5+ miles a day is another.

You do want to make sure you get in some regular exercise. Find an amount that works best for your goals.

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5/28/10 10:51 A

Make sure you are eating ENOUGH! Your body can go into a starvation response, and if your numbers are accurate, you're getting just 900 calories max per day - that is NOT enough. Also, make sure you are tracking accurately and everything - that your calorie expenditure is based on your weight, that you are measuring your portions, etc.

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5/28/10 9:50 A

I read a Spark article or blog just the other day (don't ask me where it was because I probably can't find it again) that said the recommended amount of exercise -- about 2-4 hours a week -- would only be enough to maintain weight, not lose. If you're wanting to lose weight, you should probably double that number.

Good luck ... I know you can do it!

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5/28/10 8:35 A

Thanks for the confirmation. I am working to stay encouraged because I am burning more calories than I am taking in but have gained a few pounds. I am averaging 1300-1400 calories per day in food and I am burning 350-570 per day in formal exercise. I work in an office and drive a lot so the rest of my day is not too active. emoticon

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5/27/10 9:13 P


Weight loss comes down to expending more calories you consume over a period of time. As for the so-called magic number, it depends on many other factors. If you are quite active during the day (not formal exercise) you may be fine with 30 minutes or more most days of the week. However, if you are quite sedentary (say you have a desk job) you may need to up this time.

I hope this helps!

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5/27/10 7:20 P

4 hours a week is about average. Everyone (not just people who are trying to lose weight) should be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (bare minimum). That's 3 hours 30 mins in a week. So 4 hours really isn't that much. It doesn't have to be intense like running for miles on end or hiking Mt. Everest but getting your body up and moving for 30 minutes a day should definitely be incorporated (and core) for a healthy lifestyle (even if it's a walk).

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5/27/10 7:16 P

One weight loss program I joined stated that I should exercise for more than 4 hours per week or I would slow or stop my weight loss. Is this accurate?

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