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2/6/13 3:51 P

ALL fruits can and should be included in your weight loss plan.
A serving of fruit contains about 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrate.

some fruits have a larger amount of water (berries), than other fruits (banana)...that is why there are slight differences in portion sizes.

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2/6/13 2:51 P

It's not a matter of "better" or "worse". Different fruits have different values, and serve different needs. Some are calorie dense, like apples or bananas, others are high in vitamin C, like oranges, still others are low calorie like blueberries.

What matters is that you track what you eat, because the calorie values are different.

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2/6/13 2:02 P

Thank you. I keep telling myself when I see how many calories they have that it is a lot for fruit but then I say it's a lot less than what I used to eat as a snack emoticon

2/6/13 1:48 P

OK, now I want bananas and pineapple. :) I'm highly food-suggestible. You could walk by with a plate of haggis and I'd probably want that too.


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2/6/13 1:47 P

I don't know if there's a technical answer, but I've lost almost 100 pounds in the last year and I eat bananas and pineapple all the time. If I were diabetic it might make a difference, but for calorie counting, as long as you count the calories correctly, you can easily fit the higher glycemic-index foods into your meal plan. I eat protein at the same meal when I'm eating the banana or pineapple so I don't "crash" later.

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2/6/13 1:39 P

Are some fruits better or worse than others? If you look at the Glycemic Index you see that there are high Glycemic fruits like bananas and pineapple.

In weight loss does it really make a difference if you cut out pineapple and bananas and stick with lower calorie fruits like berries?

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