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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
4/19/13 9:54 P

"I tried asking where people lived so I could find out who lived in my town!"

If you want to find out who lives in your town, ask "Who Lives in [your town]?"

There's plenty of room for "Want to meet in Mytown?" or "Mytown Sparkers Raise your Hands!" or "What do you love about Mytown?" Any of those titles would be allowed and would get YOU useful information. Asking "Where do you live?" takes up just as much space, and what are you going to do with the answers that say "Dime Box, TX" or "Chickasawhatchee, GA?"

Ask what you want to know. You didn't want to know about people who live six thousand miles away and/or have no interest in meeting you. You want to know who lives near you and wants to do something together, so that's what you need to ask.

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/19/13 6:25 A

I agree, keep it short and simple. Then expound on your question in the body. When you rest on the title line it gives a box that shows a few lines of your question, I use this a lot to decide if I want to read on.

200POUNDQUEST SparkPoints: (2,468)
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4/18/13 8:41 P

I agree with not trying to put the question in the title. Just put the topic and then ask your question in the message.

i.e. Subject: Subject Line Length
Message: I think subject lines are too short because blah blah blah what do you think and why?

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (84,433)
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4/18/13 5:28 P

Perhaps you could repost with more of what you said in this thread... Title Something such as: Inviting New Team Members City,St. and in your message state exactly what you did in your post here.... " I am part of my local team but I figured that there may be other Sparkers who didn't join the team that might live in my area! Contact us on Spark Team City,St if you are interested"
Good Luck!

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LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
4/18/13 5:11 P

I don't think you should be putting your whole question in the subject line. That is what the message space is for. The subject line should just give a brief idea of what your post topic is about.

HEALTHY4UNI SparkPoints: (12,464)
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4/18/13 4:36 P

But sometimes it is taken for a one word response question and then pulled! Then there is no communication and it makes it hard to communicate the real objective behind the question! I tried asking where people lived so I could find out who lived in my town! It got rejected because it was a one word response question. I am part of my local team but I figured that there may be other Sparkers who didn't join the team that might live in my area! They pulled the post!

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JANCARD SparkPoints: (120,129)
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4/18/13 4:25 P

Seems to me that more room in each title would mean fewer threads on the first page, no? By the time someone read through the questions above *** POOF *** yours might drop down to the next page.

BTW, I really like the way you did this one. The cut off word gets the point across effectively.


I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/18/13 4:12 P

I also wish we could have more room for title, but I have learned to find a way to get my point in every title of thread I make. Whenever possible short hand it such as "u" for "you" etc. it works, and then by choosing different words with less letters helps, instead of "career" use "job" make changes like that to make it fit.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/18/13 4:00 P

Just put a short summary of your topic in the Subject Line.

Follow up with the "long version" of your question, in your first post.

And remember, that no matter how much space you do or don't use for your question, certain types of questions just don't provoke discussion. Like "do you prefer white eggs or brown eggs." This kind of question lends itself to a 200-page thread full of nothing but "white" and "brown" post after post.

HEALTHY4UNI SparkPoints: (12,464)
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4/18/13 3:57 P

That is, does the length of the subject line allow room to state substantive questions? For me it is difficult to ask questions that can't be taken for one word response question with so few words! I recently had several questions removed because they were deemed one word response questions. Have you experienced this here as well?

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