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2/11/10 3:59 P

Thanks folks! Even tried three 90 minute rounds of shoveling VERY heavy snow yesterday and each time I came in the Mio showed I burned fewer calories than the previous 90 minute round. Starting to think it may be time to get the watch serviced. SparkPeople shows an hour of shoveling at 299 calories. My last stint last night the Mio only showed 175! I also wonder if temperature affects the watch.

Well, guess it's time to switch up the cardio - but it's too cold to start running in the Northeast - especially after all the snow we just got!

2/11/10 3:53 P

I agree with Lizzy. Sounds like you are too fit for your old routine and it's time to come up with either something completely new, or start finding ways to make your routine harder on you.

the body does adapt to exercise if you do the same thing every time, the same way every time. You have to keep trying to make things harder, keep it challenging and new, keep your body "surprised".

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2/11/10 3:09 P

I'd say that if you have bene doing the same exercise for quite some time your body is used to it.
You are also a lot fitter than you were almost a year ago, so it takes a lot more intensity to burn the same amount of calories.

The heavier/less fit you are the more you burn.

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2/11/10 2:32 P

Maybe my Mio is just going kablooey on me but it seems that lately I am doing the same cardio workout at the same level of intensity and burning less calories. I've been at this now since I joined SparkPeople back in April of last year. I've managed to get my resting heart rate down to 52 but that's been the case for several months now so why am I suddenly burning fewer calories? I'd say it's totally a Mio error but it also appears I'm having a hell of a time re-losing the 5 pounds I gained over the holidays. Does a lower resting heart rate mean you have to work harder to get to your THR?

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