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10/22/13 2:18 P

I think it is up to the individual. If you are suffering and unhappy and overweight, and you want to change your life, you can do it. Weight loss might be just one part of it, but transformations happen to people all the time. In my case, I was quiet and shy and miserable about my weight. After losing a lot of it, I wasn't so cripplingly self conscious about my body and I can do more things without the stress and pressure I was under because of my body image. I am still quiet and shy, but the internal suffering is not there anymore.

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10/22/13 1:54 P

i hope not. I really like who I am.

10/22/13 1:23 P

nope, just a healthier version of me

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10/19/13 5:58 A

I just came across this article that sums up a lot of what I was trying to say. I think this is what you're looking for.

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10/19/13 5:03 A

Losing weight is empowering. You prove to yourself that you can set a goal, work hard and take the steps to reach it, and, finally, obtain that goal. I think this improves all aspects of a person's life in multiple ways. First, I feel it proves to yourself that you have what it takes to put your mind to something and accomplish it. The improved self-confidence from that in addition to the improved self-confidence from the aesthetic change, changes everything. It's a lot easier to go through life and tackle it head on with lots of self-confidence. I know that getting myself situated in that area of my life made me feel like I had more control in general and gave me the desire and motivation to situate other areas of my life, such as my financial situation and pursuing what it's going to take to further myself in my career. Losing weight doesn't change who you are, but it can definitely change your attitude, successes, and approach to life.

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10/19/13 3:15 A

No, not at all.

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10/17/13 4:08 A

It makes me feel better about myself. So yes, a little bit different of a person.

10/17/13 12:23 A

I think losing weight brings me back to the real me. So, if you say different person, yes because I have learned to live a healthier lifestyle so I can be brought back to the real me. I still am myself, but am better educated to live a better life for me and my family.

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10/16/13 12:49 P

I think that losing weight makes us more able to do some things, may help us get off medication which may help a mood, may make us feel better about ourselves but I don't think it actually changes who we are. I'm not nicer or meaner because I'm heavier or lighter. I think it makes more things possible, physically, mentally, and emotionally so that may be the "change" that people talk about.

10/16/13 12:47 P

In my Humble opion,,, it doesn't change "Who we are" unless we've SMARTLY found out "Why we over ate" in the first place, and have worked on it. Otherwise,,, it'd be a DIET and NOT a LIFESTYLE change,,, where you ARE allowed to eat sweets in a LIMITED amount, and thus keep the happiness of food. We were created to LOVE foods.

So have "I" changed? Well when I was young,, and up to the age of 38,,, I was THIN as could be at 115lbs. I just did NOT gain NO mattah how much I ate. I HATED people saying "YOU NEED TO GAIN" !! it was simply USELESS, for I COULD NOT A!!

Than there was the cah accident,,,, and on came the steroids, by the GA ZILLIONS, and also cos I had to give UP my FAV Job,,,, depression soon set in,,,so along came "Their USELESS" meds. For all that did was put on once 60lbs in 3 months,, and NOT HELP !!! So they changed it,, and 'THAT" HAPPENED AGAIN !!I gave UP caring about ME. That's a sadness one should NOT go thru. IF ONLY the Dr's TRUELY Cared about US, and NOT the meds "They PUSH". Eventually I had listened to someone on a chat room I help to run,,, and THANKFULLY heard of an MAOI that DOES help some, but has MANY restrictions on foods. If I eat the wrong foods,,, such as cheese, aged meat,, a LOT of sauces,,, etc,, otc meds,,, I can at once have a stroke or heart attack. Is it WORTH IT??? OH MY YES !A!! the "depression" DISAPPEARED A!! YEAH A!!

So by that,,,and being so large,,, I CHANGED. I USED to think "ALL FATTIES were JUST LAZY" and I DID NOT consider,,, that this is an EMOTIONAL problem often. So though this on GAINING and NOT on losing,,, I DID CHANGE.

As I lose now,,,, I am trying to be kinder to myself,,, it's easy to be towards others. so in ur ?,,, are you KINDER to URSELF?????

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10/16/13 5:41 A


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10/15/13 10:57 P

For me it didn't make me a different person, like others have said, it allowed a different side of myself to come back out- shine through.

I gained the weight back because I got too caught up in the "perks" and being numbers driven. I rebelled. I learned. And what I learned was that I also tended to self punish with food. I would either restrict like crazy or binge non stop for weeks and months on end. I hurt myself because I was hurting inside and didn't have the voice strong enough to tell others "no" and stand up for myself and my wants.

I was more upbeat and positive. I had regained energy and spirit. I had more confidence. While I still know that I am attractive regardless of my size, I am not comfortable at/with my size. I cover up when I can. I've slipped back into looking forward to the colder months because I can wear long open cardigans vs just because Fall is my favorite season. Not good!

I think some people do see it as the way to completely overhaul their life. Those are often materialistic or fleeting hopes. Real life is never as easy as it seems it will be. And despite how hard we try and what we weigh or lose, there will still be times of sadness, stress, and financial strain. I think if we understood that having more confidence is what changes our lives and not a number than perhaps people could set realistic expectations from the start.

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10/15/13 8:27 P


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10/15/13 6:41 P

Yes, if it makes you feel better about yourself and healthier and more able to do the things you haven't felt able to do . . .

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10/15/13 5:29 P

I think it gives you the confidence to try new things, manage yourself better, different opportunities.

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10/15/13 4:54 P

MAVKA_, I think that it's important to remember that your classmate was only 14-15 years old at the time. When I was an overweight kid, I got made fun of a little, but mostly just quietly marginalized. I didn't have people coming up to me and saying rude names. I just didn't have people coming up to me at all. For her to make all those changes, she may have been feeling lonely and desperate (I'm not sure that she did, of course ,but she may have). Her attempts to change the way people perceived her were heavy handed, but she was a young teen. It's very different to talk about the way weight loss affects a young teen girl, and how it affects an adult man or woman. I wouldn't be surprised if your classmate was able to moderate her personality and behavior thereafter and become a more balanced and pleasant adult later on. I wasn't able to lose my weight til my 20s and even at that age there were a few times that I had to really check myself, I don't even want to think about how 14 y/o me would have handled it.

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10/15/13 10:56 A

I think it depends on whether or not you have a "diet" mentality or a "healthy lifestyle" mentality. That is why I love the philosophy behind SP and the impact that setting goals can have for all areas of your life. I think if you set small goals in one area and begin to see success it encourages you and gives you the confidence to set goals in other areas. SP calls it the cross-over effect.
Losing weight alone isn't going to make your life better. It is about the whole takes emotional, physical and spiritual changes to create the life you want.

That said, I do know people who did change with weight loss but they weren't necessarily happier because they didn't make it an all-encompassing lifestyle change. The problems they had before were still there.

Great question!!!

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10/15/13 10:22 A

Thinking today about this question I asked, I remembered my classmate in school. She was not a "small" girl first few years in school and then when she was about 14-15 years old, she lost a lot of weight, not in a really healthy way, began to apply make up, changed her haircut and clothes etc. She looked really nice, but her attitude and behavior changed for worse, for other people I mean. She was shy self-conscious person before and after she changed her look she started to behave like she wanted to prove that she is the best, the hottest girl in school and this included throwing herself at boys she didn't like, but she knew her girlfriends liked. It was sad and she lost her friends pretty quickly. I guess that losing weight as well as other drastic changes in life may also wake up some qualities in a person - good or bad. So may be you just don't "change", just some of your qualities or fears become stronger? I don't know, I need to think more on this)).

LYKKELIG Posts: 334
10/15/13 9:55 A

Thank you, it's very interesting and thought-provoking to read your answers.

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10/15/13 9:47 A

yes and no

In all honesty, if you are generally miserable, grouchy, negative etc. - well, losing weight is not likely to change that.

BUT (as others have mentioned) losing weight can definitely make you feel better about yourself, give you more confidence, heck - even make you walk taller and stand straighter. That can make people treat you different than what you dealt with as a shy, head down, unsure overweight person.

you may find that you are not as reclusive in your new, healthy body. And that can change your life!

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10/15/13 9:18 A

Losing weight makes you gain confidence which gives you the ability to believe in yourself more. When I am confident about things I am a much different person and don't spend as much time worrying about what others might say or think about me. I figured if i can do what it takes to lose weight then I can do just about anything.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
10/15/13 8:55 A

Losing weight did actually change my personality, or ... it enabled me to change my personality I guess. I was very shy and self effacing, I didn't stand up for myself. Losing weight brought a great deal of positive attention that was hard to hide from. I now think of myself very differently. Part of it is natural passage of time (growing up, maturing) I suppose. But I now think of myself as an athlete, as somewhat of a performer (I like doing sports in front of other people), as more outgoing, more willing to say something unpopular rather than going with the flow, and more assertive. Having to turn down offers of food 9000 times does make one more assertive! I probably wouldn't have had the confidence it took to be with my now-husband when we first met if I hadn't lost weight. I used to assume that no guy could really be in love with me because of my weight. Now as a married woman it's really important to know that my husband is in love with me.

I guess it did change my life. Not financially. But it changed my relationships, how I related to others and just as importantly how they related to me. It even changed my relationship with my parents. It changed how I spend my days, how I present myself (when I was fat, all my effort went into my hair and makeup; now, all my effort goes into my clothes!), and most definitely how I feel about myself. Since I had been overweight starting in kindergarten, I had never felt like an athletic, strong, fit, healthy, attractive person until I lost a substantial amount of weight. Now I feel like all of those things even though I still want to lose 10 lbs.

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10/15/13 8:19 A

I think losing weight can transform you, but it isn't really about losing the weight, but more about the process and tools you need to develop to do so. Setting a goal and then creating a plan to achieve that goal is a valuable skill that can then be applied to other areas of your life. I think the confidence that people gain is less about their physical appearance and more about the feeling that you get when you do something you thought was impossible. I also think weight loss changes you because in order to successfully lose weight you have to change your habits and your lifestyle, for instance last night rather than sit on my butt after an exhausting day at work, coming home and making a healthy dinner, I danced with my girls for 45 minutes before they went to bed, normally during this time, we would just sit on the couch and veg, I am making small choices like that everyday, that are slowly changing not only me but my children as well.

I know that every time I reach even a small goal, whether it is a lower number on the scale, or maybe clothes fitting better, or being able to achieve some physical feat that I couldn't my confidence grows, there is no way that having more confidence will not change you. That's my two cents (or maybe dollar worth).

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10/15/13 3:43 A

They say that losing weight won't resolve your problems i.e. financial, relationship issues etc. But I also read a lot of people stories when they say that losing weight changed their lives somehow. I myself think, that surely losing weight is not a key to all problems, but I'm sure that on this path to healthy living you get to know yourself better, learn to make goals and achieve them, so it may have a great impact on your life. What do you think and what is your experience?

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