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8/5/13 2:44 A

I also appreciate the feedback to this question, as I have been trying to explain the concept of quick workouts to my DH, who has a tough time believing they provide benefits. I'm going to share this thread with him!

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8/4/13 8:09 P

Thanks all. I am trying really hard to burn 300 cal a day. Sometimes that is all at once and sometimes that means a bunch of 15 minute bursts of exercise. I appreciate all the insight.

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8/4/13 1:29 P

Nope. Whatever you can squeeze in during the day; the more the merrier!

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8/2/13 8:32 P

While there are health and fitness advantages to keeping your heart rate elevated for longer, you will burn the same calories in 3 x 10 minutes as you will in 1 x 30 minutes.

Don't worry too much about 60 minute workouts. Once you get to being able to work out for 30 minutes or so, you are better off adding more intensity to your workout, rather than more time.

In fact, there is some evidence that very long duration workouts (40 minutes plus), tend to be muscle wasting, and detrimental to your longer term fat loss efforts.


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8/2/13 4:31 P

Well said Cherimoose. It does not matter if you get 1 thirty minute workout or 3 ten minute workouts, what counts is moving & working those muscles!

8/2/13 4:11 P

According to most studies, doing multiple, short sessions per day is equal to or better than doing a single session, as far as fat loss. (I can post the studies if you want to see them, but i have to warn you that they're boring, like most studies!)

By the way, arm muscles are small and therefore don't burn many calories. The muscle groups that burn the most calories are the larger ones - legs, upper back, and chest.

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8/2/13 3:10 P

Does it matter if I spread out quick workouts throughout the day? Like a quick one mile walk, 10 minute arm routine, 10 min cardo, 30 min on elliptical. I cant make time for 60 minutes but I can do a bunch of 10 or 15 minute routines. I can occasionally fit in a longer amount but not often. I am working out for weight loss. Will these short workout inhibit weight loss, should I try harder to do longer workouts? Thanks for any info!

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