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9/29/13 5:28 P

I do know you can't out train a bad diet.......also I believe age has nothing to do with it. I am 57 and I workout a a clean diet...and my metabolism is ok. So you may be eating more than you think....if you are not tracking your food.

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9/29/13 2:18 P

The less you weigh, the less calories your body burns. Laws of physics, you have less resistance and therefore performing daily tasks and exercise requires less effort, less calories.

I wouldn't worry about the gain if you are eating around what is required to maintain or even lose at your current weight. Unless you ate 21 000 cals above the amount of calories required to maintain your current weight you did not gain 6 lbs of fat. Fat is far from the only thing that makes up our scale weight, there's also lean muscle/tissue and fluid. The amount of fluid our bodies carry can change drastically, even in the course of a single day due to hormones, sodium intake, carb intake, how hydrated you are, etc. Other things that effect scale weight are the time of day you weigh yourself, how you stand on the scale, using a different scale, if you've exercised recently, whether or not you've used the bathroom, if you weigh before or after you've eaten and drank something.

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9/29/13 2:18 P


What is your SparkPeople recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume each day? If you've been undereating for a significant amount of time, eventually your metabolism slows down to compensate for it. It can take some time for your body to adjust to eating a "normal" amount of food, and it might even cause some initial weight gain. But eventually your body realizes what's going on, your metabolism speeds up again, and you're able to eat as much as you should without weight gain.

Coach Jen

9/29/13 1:35 P

I'll share what's working for me even though my situation is different from yours.

I am 5'3" and currently weigh 161. My goal is to be muscular and around 123 by September 2014.

The philosophy I've heard and that I love is "eat and exercise like the thinner person you want to become." Given that, I've also learned never to eat below my basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories that are needed for a person who is in a comatose state to stay alive. Otherwise, I believe that my body will go into a mode where it will store, store, store since it thinks I'm starving it. You can find basal metabolic rate calculators if you do a search for them online.

Next thing to do is multiply basal metabolic rate with a factor that coincides with daily activity. You can find these formulas online if you search "basal metabolic rate" and "daily activity."

I try never to eat below the final quotient because again, I believe that my body will probably think I'm trying to starve it. My amount of calories that I eat are almost always over what SparkPeople recommends. But I've been losing about a pound per week consistently with no plateau so far.

I hope that helps.

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9/29/13 12:45 P

I find it harder Im thinking about splurging for a trainer.. at least one session to help boost me back up

AQUARISUN Posts: 121
9/29/13 12:25 P

Your body doesn't have a lot of fat you can get rid of? I know I am at normal weight range but I am just worried I am gaining weight too fast...I gained like 6 pounds in less than a month. Sure I did got out a bit more since I was with family, but I do eat very well. I don't over eat or anything. In fact it seems even if I under eat, I still gain weight. I don't intake a lot of calories, and I exercise a lot but I just feel frustrated. So I wonder since I am getting older, my metabolism is obviously slowing down, but is it also possible being at 112 I just don't have a lot of body fat to lose( I am 5'0. The least amount of weight I can weigh is 96 and still be normal. I am 30 in January. I just worry about getting over weight and I'm gaining weight fast. I feel like I can't eat normal without gaining a lot of weight :( I am definitely not pregnant, I am not taking anything to cause weight gain, so I am not sure what's going on.

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