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JESS32189 Posts: 48
11/4/09 4:44 P

LOTS more energy! I love it! If I work out in the morning I feel so much better for the rest of the day! Its like my coffee!

PAMELA3677 Posts: 27
11/4/09 3:16 P

well i know that after im done working out i end up being tired and hungry but as the days go by i find myself with more and more energy everyday.

and a good nights sleep helps too haha.

REDMAMA87 Posts: 36
11/4/09 3:11 P

I always feel wasted after exercise like I need a nap. I always do it in the morning for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours of cardio. I think it is because I don't get enough sleep at night.

5_KLC_5 Posts: 4,801
11/4/09 2:03 P

ultimately, it gives me more energy.

T_REYES23 Posts: 320
11/4/09 12:45 P

I get more energy and feel much better when I go to sleep.

VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,219
11/4/09 12:42 P

HAPPY_TOGOBLIND: No problem! Like I said, I think your ratios are pretty good, you should have a balance of approximately 50/30/20 carbs/protein/fat. Protein will not give you more energy, but it will make you feel fuller longer because it takes longer to digest. Hence, reducing cravings.

Protein is needed to create and repair muscle tissue. Fats are needed to carry essential enzymes and vitamins that are fat soluable. Carbs are your body's primary source of fuel. If you don't have enough carbs, your body will metabolize muscle and organ tissue during exercise. Not good. Too many carbs will cause an insulin spike and eventually insulin resistance (diabetes). Proper ratios are important.

Exercise performance and energy is all about managing your glycogen stores, which again is made from carbs. What you eat and when you eat it makes a big difference.

Read these articles from Coach Dean about what to eat before and after exercise for high performance:

I usually have a small glass of juice post workout (about 4-6fl oz) because it has vitamins, water, and healthy carbs that are metabolized very quickly in liquid form to boost glycogen restoration.

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HEEDER24 SparkPoints: (202,378)
Fitness Minutes: (323,698)
Posts: 630
11/4/09 12:39 P

Exercise gives me more energy unless I go too long without some protein, than I feel tired until I fuel up again

11/4/09 12:38 P

I agree that you probably need to eat more. I had been trying to stick to about 1200 calories a day and work out 45 min to an hour 5 days a week plus strength training... and I was exhausted and wanted to kill someone. When I upped it to about 1500 a day it was like night and day. Pretty much no one should ever be below 1200 for the day (from everything I've read on Sparkpeople), even if you are five feet tall.

TXJAMAN1 Posts: 492
11/4/09 12:28 P

I usually find that I have more energy. I have found that since I had started working out that when I sit down for too long I become bored and feel like I need to workout and then after I work out I can relax for a longer period. My body is telling me workout first and relax later.

11/4/09 12:19 P

If I plan well, it gives me tons of extra energy. By planning, I mean eating 4 to 6 mini meals a day and adding more calories on the days I work out intensely. I eat before I exercise (about an hour before) and within 30 minutes after. It took me a long time to figure out the difference between overtraining and proper intensity in my workouts. Listen to your body, if you are exhausted something is off. Immediately after a workout, I am bushed, but within an hour I am fully recovered and way more energetic. Stretching helps me get balanced again. Before I ate well and worked out, I was exhausted all the time.

GINABEAN32 Posts: 72
11/4/09 11:20 A

I absolutely agree that you're not getting enough calories to fuel your workouts. Also, you're asking too much of yourself to workout without having eaten in 5-6 hours...try spreading out your meals during the day so you eat every 3-4 hours at the most, which will help keep your energy up. Maybe add a pre-workout snack that provides carbs for energy, like a granola bar or a piece of fruit. I always have something small about 1-2 hrs before exercising; otherwise, I wimp out and feel exhausted.

One more thing - I just looked at your tracker, and I think you may want to up your protein intake, particularly at breakfast. It's on the low side for the amount of exercise you're doing. I know that for me, when I'm deficient in protein I feel like I don't have enough energy to make it through my workouts, and then I start craving sugary/starchy food. Adding protein to each meal really helps keep up my energy level, also because it helps prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes caused by eating carb-only meals.

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11/4/09 8:39 A

Thanks VHALKERIE! I think my biggest problem is that I tend to work out right after work each day, so I normally go 5 or 6 hours at least without eating before working out. I then normally come home and fix a protein-heavy dinner. Snacks in my gym bag might become the new norm.

11/4/09 8:37 A

Thanks VHALKERIE! I think my biggest problem is that I tend to work out right after work each day, so I normally go 5 or 6 hours at least without eating before working out. I then normally come home and fix a protein-heavy dinner. Snacks in my gym bag might become the new norm.

MARATHON_MOM SparkPoints: (196,301)
Fitness Minutes: (142,969)
Posts: 24,943
11/3/09 6:04 A

more energy! Yesterday, for example... I was on the verge of dozing off at work, but when I got off and went to the gym for a 4 mile run, I felt energized for the rest of my day!!

SPMOM2 Posts: 5,754
11/3/09 2:01 A

more energy

VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,219
11/2/09 7:55 P

HAPPY_TOGOBLIND: I took a look at your meal and fitness profile. Wow! You do eat really well! Good ratios of carbs/fats/protein. Good job!

However, I noticed that while you do stay very well within your 1200 calories with healthy food, on days where you do 78 minutes of cardio on the treadmill AND weight lifting, you should eat more calories. Think of it this way. If you burn 680 calories from cardio and you've eaten 1200 calories, your net calories for the day is only 520 calories! This kind of deficit will inhibit your body's optimal performance. Your body does not have enough calories to replenish the glycogen in your muscles for your next workout.

I think you will find you have more energy if you up your calorie intake by 1400 or even 1600 with as much exercise as you're doing. My guess is your body does not have enough glycogen stored for the intensity of the workouts you desire. Glycogen is carbohydrate energy converted into the preferred form of energy your body uses during exercise. While exercising, your body will convert glycogen into glucose for fuel. If you don't have enough stored, you won't feel energetic because you're running with your tank on empty (to make a car analogy). This is why low carb diets are a terrible combo with exercise. Glycogen is ONLY made from carbohydrates. Eat HIGH QUALITY carbohydrates, which you are already doing a good job of.

Tip: Approximately 50% more glycogen can be stored if you eat carbohydrates as soon as possible after a workout. Don't eat a big meal, but try saving a 200 calorie carb snack for post workout and see if that helps your energy level as well. This should push your calorie total to about 1400. It should not inhibit your weight loss goals, but should actually make it better by performing more efficiently, and with more energy.

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FITWITHIN Posts: 26,160
11/2/09 7:20 P

Lots of energy.

FERGSGIRL2 Posts: 7,629
11/2/09 6:56 P

if I do it in the am--I get more energy.When I do it after work, it tires me--but that's ok--it is still worth it!

KATISONIT Posts: 423
11/2/09 2:54 P

definitely more energized

BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
11/2/09 2:48 P

For me, exercise has a bit more complex effect than simply increasing or decreasing my energy levels. It's more that exercise makes my tired more tired and my energized more energized. When I'm getting good quality workouts in, I'm definitely spent at the end of my day. I'm tired and ready to fall into my bed for a good night of sleep. However, all day long, I'm more energized. When I DON'T get my workouts in, I have more blah time during the day AND I don't fall asleep as easily or sleep as deeply.

Of course, all of this assumes that I'm getting good quality sleep (which my body needs more of when I'm exercising more), eating plenty of good quality food, and not pushing my body TOO hard during my workouts. If any of those factors are "off", exercise can actually make me feel worse instead of better.

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
11/2/09 2:23 P

I agree with a poster below that cardio gives me more energy and strength tires me out (although it does not allow me to sleep if I do it too close to going to bedtime).

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BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
11/2/09 2:23 P

It wears me out! But I do HIIT for cardio and heavy strength training. I probably wouldn't be so exhausted if I took it a little easier.

11/2/09 1:15 P

I have my days - more energy or tired some days! Thank you

11/2/09 12:39 P

RENA-I do eat healthfully. Junk food is just that...junk. And I try to include as very little of it as possible in my diet. If it's not packing a nutritional punch, then it's reserved for special occasions.

KVERBECK Posts: 239
11/1/09 8:28 A

Immediately after exercising I get a nice energy burst that lasts for a few hours or so. About 4 hours after my workout I start to lag and sometimes take a little nap. You will find that napping even for just 20 minutes can rejuvinate you.

ELSEYDON Posts: 3,438
11/1/09 2:07 A


JUDYPOPPINS Posts: 17,679
11/1/09 1:55 A

More energy. Being a reformed exercise hater, I will admit that at first I was just tired...after about two weeks of commitment...the strangest thing...come home from the gym and do some housework..I had energy! Now when I can't exercise, I'm exhausted and cranky.

SLENDERELLA61 SparkPoints: (308,560)
Fitness Minutes: (197,248)
Posts: 10,396
10/31/09 10:39 A

As long as I get enough sleep and don't overexercise it gives me more energy.

TRUDYTM Posts: 545
10/31/09 8:34 A

I have more energy

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/31/09 8:33 A

more energized

10/31/09 2:43 A

If I am into the workout, I'm energized. If I am bored with my workout and find myself stuck in a rut - I'm more apt to feel tired after my workout.

SHEDDING123 Posts: 1,809
10/31/09 2:15 A

emoticon Energizing!!!

GAMBLINGQUEEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,330)
Posts: 1,132
10/31/09 2:00 A

Initially, I am tired and then within 1-2 hours I get a BURST of energy. Don't know what that's about. I also find that as I workout more consistently, I find it very difficult to get "sleepy" on Friday nights.

10/30/09 11:00 P

I am hella tired after a workout, as it should be. I am after all burning calories, carbs and fats to let me reach whatever limits I am pushing during the workout/activity. The pay-off (i.e. an increase in energy) pays in dividends over time.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
10/30/09 10:49 P

Well exercise tones my body up the energy is from eating good and decent clean calories and not just stuffing as many dirty calories into the daily nutrition allowance as possible..
Excuse the term if you eat pizza and crap, don't expect to feel 1 million dollars in the gym. Many people still eat so wrong they don't get jack out of their exercise..
If you feel dead at the gym open your eyes and re-evaulate what your putting in your mouth and if your not cheating yourself..
You are still what you eat, feel like a dead battery your body is trying to tell no way sister.
Some people eat so wrong, they run themselfs down faster when pushing the body and more obviously...

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10/30/09 9:12 P

I did, but didn't receive any emails for responses and I wasn't able to find the question again to check the replies. They still didn't send me emails on this one, but I bookmarked the question to keep track of it. :)

NOLABABY1982 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,175)
Posts: 409
10/29/09 10:47 A

at first it makes me tired but after i get some sleep i feel great that's why i work out at night

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,246)
Fitness Minutes: (301,103)
Posts: 27,428
10/29/09 10:14 A

It depends. If I happen to teach back to back classes, I'm totally wiped out. However, if I'm working out on my own in the morning, I find the workout to be invigorating. I do feel energized.

But, as I said, if I do too much, I will feel exhausted.

10/29/09 10:09 A

I would say more energy. It is definitely hard for me to actually get up and out of bed earlier than what I have to in order to get exercise in, but am always happy and feel better once I am done.

PALESEPT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,527)
Posts: 1,285
10/29/09 10:00 A


Exercise tends to give me more energy. Usually after I exercise I want to do more and I have stop myself!


TANYAHDG SparkPoints: (19,948)
Fitness Minutes: (23,314)
Posts: 2,918
10/29/09 9:57 A

Definitely gives me more energy. May not love it during but I am always happy after and I accomplish so much more!

COTEL1 Posts: 377
10/29/09 9:51 A

You need to check your Carb intake. Veggies and Fruits. These are natural Carbs and they make you feel better. Try Eating an apple before workout and some grapes after. or just your favorite fruits. also add in alittle more veggies at dinner. Hopefully that will help. good luck emoticon

NEWPMA Posts: 891
10/29/09 9:46 A

I usually feel more energised after exercising but i tend to do it in 10 to 15 minute segments. You sound like you're doing alot try having a couple of days rest and see how you feel then or maybe do strength training and cardio on alternate days.

BECKY_W Posts: 179
10/29/09 9:35 A

I usually have so much energy after exercising, but some days it is really hard just to get the energy to get to the gym. Afterwards I feel great though.

LABYRINTH Posts: 5,801
10/29/09 9:32 A

Didn't you already post this question? emoticon

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/29/09 9:19 A

more energy.

10/29/09 9:18 A

I feel energized after exercising, but at the same time, sometimes I also feel tired. It depends on alot of factors with me. It it's that TOM, or I go overboard with my cardio, or if I'm not eating right I can feel tired.

DAVID_2000 Posts: 13,601
10/29/09 9:11 A

More energy for me, but my number one benefit is the stress relief.

10/29/09 8:58 A

cardio= more energy

strength training= tired

10/29/09 8:44 A

I always hear that exercise and eating right is the natural way to give you more energy. I find that the opposite has been true. I started working out again in June, and in August I started running again. I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and run 3 to 7 miles at a time followed by strength training. Why do I always feel tired every day? I get at least 8 hours of sleep, am not particularly stressed, and am not depressed. Is this happening to anyone else? It's not muscle soreness from the exercise, it's just I generally feel like I'm dragging all of the time.

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