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7/30/10 4:35 P

Thank you all for answering my question. I still drink water, but I should drink more water, too. Didn't know that was caffeine in decaf. Wondering how much caffeine is in that decaf.

NIKKIG3 Posts: 1,663
7/30/10 9:31 A

All liquids can go toward your water intake. But just because they count, anything besides plain water can have things like extra sugar, carbs, and calories that you have to take into consideration as part of you caloric intake.

I drink coffee, tea and water but I always try to drink at least 8 cups of plain water daily.

SHERWOODCYCLER SparkPoints: (40,261)
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7/29/10 10:41 P

And so, the real question is this: Are you properly hydrated? Not are you drinking water.

I find that I drink coffee, tea, milk, crystal light...but very little plain water. I know I should, but it has not caused me problems. I am still living the good life and on my path to health and fitness.

You can do this.

7/29/10 3:38 A

Decaf coffee still contains some caffeine, which is a diuretic; it just has less than regular coffee. On the other hand, if you are eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you are consuming a few more glasses of water that way.

I wouldn't count it, but that's up to you.

ASHLEYKAT Posts: 867
7/28/10 11:29 P

I think it depends what your goals are. As far as SP is concerned, I think it DOES count. However, remember, coffee is a diuretic, which may dehydrate you. Might want to sneak in an extra glass of water anyways.

7/28/10 5:11 P

Herbal tea counts, and that's de-caf, so yes - de-caf coffee would count.

7/28/10 4:34 P

Does decaf coffee count for water intake? I thought i read on Sparkpeople that it did. Clarify, please.

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