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11/19/11 3:51 A

Lossing 176lbs irrelevant in my situation.. But others will always argue the discussion.. In my eyes just a mindset people want to believe. But hey I go for middle of the road and will not be left out of coffee with friends.. What is in my coffee however is low fat milk and sweetner and my cake is a nutrition friendly cake made from components I have to eat daily any way..
I am looking for life time for this change- not removal and falling off the rails every time christmas and new years eve ticks around..
I go for compromise not utopia ideals..

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11/18/11 7:59 P

When i consume coffee i cannot eat.. so if i brew coffee first thing in the morning ill find myself not eating until lunch time it takes me a while to drink one cup and i usually drink 2 or 3.. so for me i lose, but i also dont use any sugar or creamy sweet additives.. guess it depends on how you drink and what all you add to it.. when my friend drinks it , his taste more like a capuccino.. mighty sweet! and thick and creamy... that just may add weight.

FIREBALL_V Posts: 364
8/9/11 2:19 P

I hope it's true because I LOVE coffee!

MAGNIFIEDME Posts: 2,588
8/9/11 2:06 P

talk to a few dieticians.... you can't always believe what is on the web - its always just someone's opinion

HELZIE Posts: 509
8/9/11 12:25 P

I find that coffee makes me feel full because it's warm, so for me it's a lose. But then, I could (and often do) drink boiling water, and get the same effect.

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8/8/11 9:44 P

You say you want only facts, but thats not possible. Its like carbs, diet coke, ect. Each person is going to be different. For me it makes me feel full, but for you, it could make you more hungry. It all depends how caffeine reacts to your body.

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8/8/11 9:27 P


SUNNYARIZONA SparkPoints: (232,649)
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8/8/11 9:11 P

Never have noticed coffee doing anything for my weight loss.

8/8/11 9:08 P

Coffee with caffeine does contain some antioxidants, is a mild stimulant, has a mild diuretic effect, has zero calories--but can increase to hundreds depending on the add-ins, may enhance some athletes in competition, etc.

Now let's look at the scientific evidence on coffee with caffeine as it relates to weight loss. There is no evidence. The effects are all so minimal. Therefore you will not find "drink coffee with caffeine" as an evidence based weight loss technique.

Evidence based weight loss techniques that you will find:
---include 3 meals and 1-2 snacks daily
---limit TV to 2 hours or less daily
---get at least 7-8 hours sleep daily
--weight and measure foods, count calories, keep a food diary

Hope this helps--
Dietitian Becky

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
8/8/11 11:40 A

If you've done so much research, why are you looking for research based answers from the rest of us?

IMO, coffee doesn't seem to help or hurt my weight loss one way or the other. I drink my coffee with a little skim milk & brown sugar though as opposed to drinking mochas or frappucinos.

AMYGOES211 Posts: 304
8/8/11 11:28 A

I am interested to know why you are so interested in this topic? I have to agree that it almost seems like a non-issue. Unless you're talking about 450-calorie starbucks type drinks, I don't think coffee has a huge impact one way or the other.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/8/11 11:19 A

If your doing a lifestyle change it has no bearing on the process.. Removing stuff makes a lifestyle change to a diet.. Also I think it is a non issue there are other more important things to get working to change our lifestyle than removing traditional items that make life hell when your sitting in good company and have to dogmatically say pass to..

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
8/8/11 7:41 A

neither. you can do it with it or without it, it just depends on your preferences.
it's kind of like the statement that drinking ice cold water burns more calories. while it is true, it has such a small impact [like less than 10 cals a day] that it's far more important to do something that you enjoy, because the level of impact that one choice has is so far down the list of things that could have am impact it's probably better to spend your research time on a walk. because that will ultimately do more for your loss than coffee will. or drinking ice water.
in other words, pick a bigger fish to fry. or rather, don't ignore the forest for the tiny little sapling.

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8/8/11 4:53 A

If you look at the claims you listed, you'll note that some of them are impossible to quantify exactly ("decreases appetite") while others may hinge on what the target group was for the study, e.g. obese/young/old/rats. You also noted contradictory studies, ie it either increases OR decreases appetite.

The second part of the problem comes from comparing whether a study was about coffee, including decaf or about caffeine regardless of source.

To follow up on your research you can look up the claim via Google scholar and then locate the source of the research database from where you can obtain the full text. Sometimes even the abstract is enough, but not always.

I would be very surprised if someone can definitely claim one or the other end-result from drinking coffee, and even more so if that person can say exactly how much caffeine is the sweet spot. This same problem plagues studies about red wine and alcohol, and whether a glass per day is good for you overall or not.

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8/8/11 4:03 A

First I want to say I am only looking for actual factual answers. I am not looking for opinions or statements without proof. I have done a lot of research before I came here, hours in fact, and so I am look for research oriented answers.

I have read research that says coffee, black of course, will aid in losing weight. The reasons for this is:
1. Caffeine-increase heat-rate/energy level, which increases calories burned
2. Decreases appetite
3. Diahretic (means you pass more liquids)-this would be very tempory as you would need to replace those liquids
4. Attacks fat cells-I read an article that says some major sports will not allow players to drink caffeine at least 24 hr before an event due to it attacking fat cells

I have also read studies that say it helps you gain weight because:
1. It increases appetite
2. Additives-people add cream or sugar (which this is not a big deal as I drink it black)
3. Decreases the amount of when insulin is released in the body. Let me explain this one a bit. Let's say that insulin is released when our body hits (I don't know the exact number but for arguments sake) 100 whatevers. However when you drink coffee, it might get lowered down to 80 whatevers. So your body is more sensitive to insulin. Insulin is a fat storer and therefor will make you gain weight. Coffee is actually supposedly good for diabetics.

Okay, now with all that information does it help you gain weight, lose weight, or do they cancel each other out? Would caffeine be more beneficial if you were on a low carb diet? I have also read that coffee does help rid your body of purities. Does anyone have more concrete information available. Links would be great, and bonus points if links are from sparkpeople.

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