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UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
6/15/14 1:54 P

Anytime Fitness

RAVEN71618 Posts: 27
6/15/14 12:25 P

I just got a total gym for $20 at a yard sale and so far I think it's a great piece of equipment. I can really feel my muscles working with it. I'm excited to see how I can progress my workouts with this.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,527
5/12/14 4:41 P

I have one and I believe that it really works.

I got mine over twenty years ago.

CHICKLET34 Posts: 33
5/12/14 2:38 P

I have one but I don't have the space to keep it up all the time and it is heavy and a pain to set up. (I Hurt my back just setting it up)The commercial shows it being a breeze to just roll under your bed and back out again. I have to disagree completely.

MJEFFERSON23 SparkPoints: (32,691)
Fitness Minutes: (16,395)
Posts: 1,280
5/12/14 9:10 A

I'm going to look around yard sales to see if I can find one!

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (317,215)
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Posts: 16,908
5/12/14 12:29 A

no I like Planet Fitness

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (576,234)
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Posts: 16,301
5/12/14 12:12 A

I've never used it.

PFARRAR65 SparkPoints: (37,141)
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Posts: 1,156
5/11/14 11:54 P

not me

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/11/14 11:50 P

Thinking that might be a great investment. We'd all use it!

DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
5/11/14 3:33 P

I have 2! I got my first one new from Kmart then 2 years later got a used one for only $50 at a yard sale. I have 2 different dvds I found on Amazon that show me how to do different exercises.
I like having 2 because I can set one up for a certain exercise and another for a different one and then circuit back and forth for 2 sets of exercises.
Like I might do squats on one and then pull-ups on the other then back to sqauts on the other and its already set up to use.
I guess you can fold them up but I don't. I let them set up in the basement and leave them up. Though I can't use the basement in the winter-too cold-so I tend to Total Gym only in the spring-summer-fall months.

GINNABOOTS Posts: 9,044
5/11/14 1:26 P


ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,207
5/11/14 1:23 P

My experience is, if you are interested in any of these types of things, just go to yard sales in your area or look in the classifieds under "for sale", look at the person selling the product, and then buy the stuff if it's a cheap price and you think you will do better. You may come to realize that you don't need these types of implements, and that the ads on tv are done by fitness models and clever photo shopping, lying, etc. Know thyself, and how long realistically that you will be following through. Thereby lies the rub..............

RONNIEHUEY Posts: 12,033
5/11/14 11:41 A


EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
5/11/14 11:38 A

No, but I'd love to have one. A relative has had his for approximately 15 years and still uses it. And, a friend just bought one and loves it.

SUITABLE Posts: 5,959
5/11/14 11:25 A


5/11/14 10:29 A

I have used one at physical therapy, and I really enjoy it. I think anything works if you stick with it.

BOB5148 SparkPoints: (522,667)
Fitness Minutes: (208,018)
Posts: 18,508
5/11/14 10:16 A

I don' t

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 487
5/10/14 10:24 A

We bought a Total Gym based on the TV infomercial. I guess it's a good piece of equipment, lots of different exercises to do, but I think I was just too old to be using it. And it took up a lot of room. We sold it. I'll just stick with my treadmill and eliptical.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
5/10/14 10:08 A

Yes, love our Total Gym. We got a used one for $50 about 8 yrs. ago.
Use it regularly to work my arms & legs. It's very versatile.

MJEFFERSON23 SparkPoints: (32,691)
Fitness Minutes: (16,395)
Posts: 1,280
5/10/14 9:45 A

I'm wondering if the Total Gym really works? What's your experience?

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