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11/16/13 9:05 P

Yes i agree with you Becky, I dont have severe allergies but mild ones and they are helping my symptoms. My allergies were caused by leaky gut syndrome.

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11/16/13 8:08 P

I have an autoimmune condition, and numerous specialists on my team to help me manage it. My gastroenterologist is inordinately pleased with the way I've supplemented and changed my diet, in addition to her therapy (which I would not for an instant consider abandoning). I take probiotics and digestive enzymes and an array of other supplements, all of which *appear* to be helping me address my own symptoms.

Never adopt anything unilaterally - always work with your healthcare team. But I see no reason not to bring alternative or additional therapies to them for consultation. They do work for some and in some cases. You just can't take on every "good" piece of advice that's working for others.

11/16/13 11:12 A

Yes I must say the digestive enzyme doesn't fix the problem. It does however help with my symptoms as there are times when I have to eat out and can't be sure what's been put in my food.

As for a diagnosis. My doctor is okay with me me not going through the costly and invasive testing required to diagnose celiac disease, she understands that my symptoms go away when I don't eat gluten and that's good enough for her.

I am not a doctor but I encourage anyone reading this thread to know if they eat a food and it makes them feel physically ill it is okay to not eat that food without an official diagnosis.

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11/16/13 9:59 A

Digestive enzymes would not help with a food allergy. If you really have a food allergy, the food has still been eaten and is in your system and would bring about the allergic response (your immune response).

Now if you have an intolerance, for example Lactose Intolerance; this means you lack enough of the enzyme to properly digest the lactose sugar in milk---then an enzyme will help with the digestion process.

I encourage everyone following this thread to work with their physician if they think they have an allergy, food sensitivity or food intolerance...proper diagnosis is the only way to properly treat these situations.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

11/16/13 8:54 A

I have a gluten and soy sensitivity so I take them when I eat out. People don't understand how just a very small amount can cause a big problem. They keep me from getting a sore tummy and *cough* diarrhea.

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11/15/13 6:23 P

They are in the shakes I drink. How do you take them?

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11/15/13 5:24 P

Hi, does anyone take digestive enzymes? I just started taking them and they are working great for my allergies.

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