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6/28/12 3:23 P

1. with apple products you also have the option to make the devices not sync with your itunes. this is great if you have more music than space on some of your devices.
2. amazon has a downloader [and an uploader for that matter] so that if you do go with itunes, the downloader will convert anything you get from amazon into itunes format [or whatever other program you might be using].
most formats are compatible or easily convertible anyways, so long as your buying them from retailers and not downloading from sharing sites.
3. i'm just going to say i love my ipod nano. it has music, radio, and nike plus [and you don't need the little shoe sensor thingy for the nike plus]. the pedometer is great and it doesn't clack. and while the mileage varies as reported [my nano says 1.3 miles while mapping it out says 1.8 miles], you can actually calibrate it to your pace without the extra shoe sensor [i just started running without calibrating it, realized it was wrong, figured out how much it was off by and go by that since i don't want to lose all my old data. also, since it thinks i go not as far as i do, if i strive to hit my goals on the skewed nano tracking it means i'm actually going much faster than my goal. for example, i need to be able to hit a 16 min mile for my half marathon this fall. if the nano is telling me i am doing it as i am doing it, i'm actually ending up making a 13 min mile. and i am so used to it being skewed i don't want to think i can slack off]. and it's tiny and clips to clothes.

6/28/12 2:45 P

It depends on what you get. Some of the newer models have a wifi/3g signal and you can download directly. Otherwise you download to your computer and then transfer over through a data cable of some kind.

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If you purchase an Apple product, you will have to download ITunes on your computer and can purchase songs through them. ITunes will automatically update or "sync" your music with your mp3 player when you plug it in. Otherwise, if you purchase any other brand of MP3, you will have to download the music to your computer then copy it to the MP3 player.

The software that comes with the product is normally just the software that initially connects your MP3 with the computer so it recognizes it.

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I've never owned an mp3 player and I plan on buying myself one for my workouts. I probably will buy most of my songs from My question is when you buy a song...... how do you get it to your mp3 player? Do you download your purchases song directly onto your mp3 player or do you have to download it to your computer and then download it to your mp3 player? I know the mp3 player I'm buying has some kind of software with it. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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