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9/18/11 3:59 P

I have Macular degeneration. Was diagnosed moore than 15 years ago. I am just now showing symptoms in 1 eye. I have taken Ocuvite which is a vitamin with Lutein. I had cataracts removed last year. A simple & quick operation but you can't have it until they are ripe.

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9/17/11 12:17 P

Went to the primary doc I have a blood disorder and inflammation in my head, I have to go for an MRI and soemthing called a temporal biopsy, so he thinks thats what is causing my vision problems, but I want to thank you all for responding, I did not know what was wrong but I have all 3 of those eye problems and now this, but at least I know why its so nasty.

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9/17/11 12:32 A

I was on some very heavy steroids for a rare auto immune disease. I'm in remission now. But the side effects of the steroids were very rapidly developing cataracts, and a hip degeneration. I had my hip replaced first, and then had the severe cataracts in both eyes removed. The implanted lenses are wonderful. I still wear glasses, but my vision is so much better. I hope I don't lose more body parts, lol, but I feel fortunate that the medical advancements are so fabulous.

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9/16/11 10:42 P

beginning stages cataracs & glaucccccoma

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9/16/11 6:51 A

I saw the eye doc and he said their not that bad yet, so then I saw my primary and he said I have a blocked sinus infection that could be effecting my eyes and head, and then he said to come see him next week and he ran blood tests, and he said if it doesn't clear up he will do and MRI, but getting old and having 3 eye problems is for the birds, and my son has PVD which is rare for one so young and I have it too, but I know eye problems and blindess run in my family.

9/15/11 9:41 P

An eye doctor saw the beginning of macular degeneration in my husband's eyes over 10 years ago, and that hasn't gotten any worse. You might just need to have your cataracts removed to see normally again. Cataracts cloud vision and nothing helps but getting them removed. Recovery is really fast.

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9/14/11 11:59 A

My father had Retinitis Pigmotosa and went blind, my son who is 29 has PVD and so do I and I have cataracts and also now they told me I have the beginnings of Macular Degeneration, and to take Lutein to try to help slow it down.

Does anyone have any of these problems and what do you do and how do you cope? My eye doc told me that if the new glasses still are not working to give him a call and all I see thru the new glasses is blurs, so their nor right.

So I know eye problems run in my family but just wondered what if anything I can do to slow it down?

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