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1/9/14 5:23 P

I think it "guesses" at how much you're going to burn and how much that should allow you to eat based on previous days and perhaps even how active you were earlier in the day? Not quite sure, I'm a new Fitbit user too. I don't know exactly how they calculate your recommended calories. Mine's always nagging me to eat more.

I just know it takes -500 to -1000 cals to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I eat based on how much I know that I approximately burn per week. I average around 2200 cals total/day so if I wanted to lose 1 lb/week I'd eat an average of 1700 cals. Some days may be a couple hundred lower, some a couple hundred higher. I can't say I really trust what Fitbit estimates I should eat because I'm not quite sure how they calculate it.

Like right now it's telling me I can eat 1870 cals (I have my deficit set to -500 cals/day or 1 lb/week) and I'm probably only going to burn around 2000 cals today because I didn't exercise. I'm not sure if they gave me such a high calorie recommendation because I had a few days at -1000 cals and I'm already 200 cals or so away from my 1 lb/week loss? Could be why they don't calculate a day in advanced, they base the following day on what you ate so far for the week and how many calories you burned to ensure you're reaching your goal loss.

Woot! I think I actually just figured it out right there. It's been bugging me too. If you're still far away from the calorie goal you set for yourself, that may be why it's wanting you to eat like a bird. Perhaps the loss you set for yourself is too aggressive for how many calories you burn per day?

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1/9/14 2:22 P

It is on its way!

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1/9/14 12:44 P

Check your settings on the website. You may not have it set properly. mine is set to give me between 1240-1480. i eat right in the middle of that and the app doesn't tell me I ate too little.
FITBIT customer service is excellent and may be able to help to. If you are a FB person, check out the fitbit group. You have to be approved but Craig or Tanya are really good at replying quickly.

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1/9/14 11:58 A

I got a FitBit recently and I'm having trouble with it. At the beginning of the day it tells me to eat 1500 calories total, and then it keeps deducting calories from the calorie allowance for seemingly no reason. I've eaten 332 calories so far today, and I have 846 left to eat according to FitBit. So far today it wants me to eat !,177 calories total? I thought eating under 1200 was unhealthy and harmful?
Yesterday it made me mad because I ate 1,363 calories and it told me I was 500 calories over my budget! It wanted me to eat 800 calories for the day? It wants me to starve? I'm getting confused and aggravated and I'm thinking of returning the darn thing!

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