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Hi TRIPLEMWF, I think you might find the 21 Day Yoga Challenge very helpful. I did. I was also confused about the different styles of yoga. If these yoga videos don't give you the answers that you are looking for( I believe it IS Hatha Yoga but I could be wrong) then the sponsor The Yoga Journal must be a good place to start I did their 21 Day Challenge. And I found it very challenging but also excellent. Check it out. It's free!

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Um, thanks?

(directed at you Autumn)

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So, what's regular yoga ? There are lots of different forms. If you're taking a class at a gym, you're probably alreading doing Hatha. You could also be doing power yoga or vinyasa. Those are also popular gym type yoga classes.

Here's the thing, what a person does in their yoga class depends on what their instructor teaches. My instructor (and I have taken Hatha), varied her class. Some days we might do a class that involved many strength poses. Other days we did classes that stressed flexibility or balance. There were no set rules. So, a class could vary from week to week.

Don't go in with any expectations. Hatha is not bikram. Hatha yoga is supposed to be a slower paced style of yoga. It's vinyasa, bikram and power yoga that are faster.

Let the instructor know that you are new so that they can show you pose modifications where you need them. We all have limitations. There are many poses I can do and many that I can't. Don't compare yourself to anyone else in the class. Some of those people could have been taking that class for months.

Just enjoy the class for what it is. And don't feel obligated to like the teacher. Some really are better than others. I've done a variety of different classes with different instructors. Yes, some I liked better than others. Go at your own pace !!

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I posted this on the Fitness board as well but this one seems to get more traffic.

Can someone please explain this to me? I've done regular yoga before and google tells me that Hatha Yoga is more strength than flexibility focused, but I would love to hear from someone who's actually done it what to expect. I'm trying it tonight for the first time and want to know what I'm getting myself in to :)

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