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NORASPAT Posts: 53,308
3/11/10 10:34 P

This is just great thank you so much for the in put. Pat in Maine

3/11/10 9:54 P

I love mine, but you are right about the cleaning. At first it was easy to clean, now I have to really work to get it clean.

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3/11/10 8:46 P

I have one. I like it but I do find it significantly harder to clean than a regular non-stick pan.

NORASPAT Posts: 53,308
3/11/10 4:41 P

Do you enjoy using these pans are they good to use. I went to our local Target and they are expecting to get more in.

I love birds we had Budgerigars when I was a child Bue and green ones. That brought back memories Thanks Pat in Maine.

3/11/10 4:24 P

I use the green pans because I have an African Grey bird and teflon can kill birds. I figure if it can kill birds, then what is it doing to my lungs!

NORASPAT Posts: 53,308
3/10/10 4:21 P

Thank you Lisa you were smarter than I. Looking on the internet I found this site about the Green cookware. Otherwise called ECO friendly"Green" cookware. My neighbors son bought her one for Christmas but she still has not used it.They can be bought at Target that is where he bought it. I think I will go there to investigate it further. Pat in Maine

3/10/10 2:31 P

I've never even heard of them. Is there a site I can look at them and read about? Thanks.. lisa emoticon

NORASPAT Posts: 53,308
3/10/10 10:01 A

I have seen the GREEN cookware and it is supposed to not ever contaminate the food as Teflon was doing when it aged.
I would love to hear comments before I make a purchase.
Pat in Maine.

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