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8/10/11 2:08 P

Wow... that is good information. Thank you. My husband is a lefty and he agrees that we will have to teach Eric some things that have to be done right handed.

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8/10/11 11:32 A

By the way, while my son is not much of a sports enthusiast, my left-handed father was a baseball and football star in his day in high school and coached high school baseball, football and basketball in his teaching career.

I was a state champion gymnast. Left handedness never hurt me in gymnastics.

And I forgot one important left-hander from my list: Ed Kehaloa Parker, founder of American Kenpo Karate which I've been studying for the last four years. Being left handed gives me a distinct advantage in karate. My opponents are used to facing right handers. They're not ready for the off-set stance and the strong attacks coming from the left.

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8/10/11 11:24 A

Left handed people are the only ones in their "right" minds. emoticon

My father is left handed.
I am left handed.
My oldest son is left handed.

The advantages:
* In baseball and softball, it's well-established that hitters tend to do better against opposite-hand pitchers. Since most pitchers are right handed, lefties have an advantage. And you have a shorter run from the plate to 1st base. It's a small difference, but it's there.
* When working at a computer - if you can learn to use a mouse right handed like others do, you have the advantage of being able to take notes with one hand while mousing around with the other.
* 7% of the population is left handed, compared to 20% of Mensa membership.
* He'll be in the company of such famously successful left handers as Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates, John McEnroe, Helen Keller, HG Wells, George Burns, Larry Bird, and Four of our last Six US Presidents.
* The world is made for right handers. This forces lefties to learn to do a lot of things with their right hands as well as left. It stretches our brains. It's thought to be one reason why left handers seem to have a greater spacial awareness and higher average scores on intelligence tests. Also, why left handers recover better from strokes and other brain injuries than.

* The world is made for right handers. Teach him to use right handed scissors. It's just easier than finding the lefty version. There are a lot of other things that come up that he will just have to learn to get around. In college lecture halls - you know those ones with the tiny flip-up desks - only the one desk on the far left end of each row will be made for left handers. Maybe 1/20 seats or even less. With 1/7 students being left handed, you learn pretty quick to either take notes turned at an awkward angle in your seat, or to get there early enough to get a left handed desk. When writing, your hand tends to rub over the words you've just written and smudge them. I had a left-handed teacher in 6th grade who finally taught me how to write with my hand below the words and it made a huge difference.

(When I was in 3rd grade and learning cursive, I solved the problem by writing backwards. Drove my teachers crazy. They tried to say I was dyslexic but my mom shut that down pretty quick and told them they shouldn't be punishing me for being able to do my lessons frontwards AND backwards when the rest of the class was having trouble just doing them one way!)

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8/10/11 12:33 A

Two of my four kids are left handed. The third is right handed and I guess I should say the fourth is undecided yet. The baby is a week from turning one and is showing signs of favoring the right.
My leftys both play sports. The oldest played football and always threw right. So did the second child. My second also plays baseball and throws -n- bats right. As for bowling he uses his right hand. They have not had any problems. They actually find it easier to be right handed for sports. This was their decisions not the coaches or even mine.

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7/29/11 8:42 P

More important than sport advantage for left handers the effect on the brain. Because manufacturers gear more products towards right handed users (majority wins) it forces the left handers to accomodate. For example, while driving a left hander had so adjust to turn on the turn signal. Another example, is having to scross the body to grab handles on the right side. The great side effect of being to do adjust throughout the day is the left handers brain has to "cross midline" which strengthens the synapsis between the left and right hemispheres.

That is why there are higher number of left handers in creative fields and analytical fields. They are forced daily to strength the synapsis between the two brain hemispheres.

7/29/11 8:11 P

More power to the left handed peeps! I am left handed!! emoticon emoticon

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7/29/11 8:09 A

I think losing any inches, if that is your goal, is good.

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7/28/11 10:57 P

Thanks everyone who replied. My husband says he has learned to do some things right handed because it is more comfortable. We have the same elbow bumping problem when we eat in restaurants, so he usually sits on the end. My husband was never into sports much as a kid, but he does watch now and he thinks the baby will adjust or learn to do some things right handed like he does.

@ZORBS13 - as a personal trainer, what do you think of losing 14 inches in June and July, is that good? average? It was mostly hips/waist/thighs but I have been doing Zumba twice a week in July. I have a long way to go.

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7/28/11 7:43 P

I'm left handed and I was beaten up for my lunch money and had to go to special ed.

I kid.

I only have problems when eating in close proximity to a bunch of right handed people. However, over the years, RH people have learned to sit a bit farther away from me to avoid arm collisions.

I agree with luann - ask your husband. Does he have problems?

Also, if right handedness is controlled by the left brain, left handed people are the only people in their right minds.

I have noticed that people who share similar interests to me, personal trainers and musicians, there is a HUGE number of lefties in this population.

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7/28/11 4:42 P

My husband and I are both left handed and hoping our toddler is as well. I played a ton of sports growing up and play most of them as a righty. However, I had a tennis coach that taught me how to play as a lefty and that was awesome in high school with a right handed partner in doubles. My husband taught himself how to play sports left handed after seeing coaches do things right handed. It should be fine as your child will either learn things the right handed way or figure out how to flip them around and most are pretty easy.

7/28/11 8:35 A

My five year old definitely uses her left hand more, but has already shown signs that she is becoming ambidextrous..... I don't think you should worry. You just have to make sure you buy the right (left) baseball glove to give him the best advantage!

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7/27/11 8:09 P

"my toddler is showing signs of being a lefty like daddy,"

I would think dad can give you the insight you need....

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7/27/11 12:35 P

I'm a lefty, and aside from issues with scissors and chair/desk combos that a re"handed", I haven't really found it to be an issue. I played sports, though I'm not a gifted athlete or anything. I actually think many sports value leftys because they aren't super common, and it can throw another team off a bit. I wouldn't worry about your son at all. He'll be fine. Has it caused any issues for dad? He'd be able to tell you, too, if he thinks it's going to be an issue for your son.

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7/27/11 9:32 A

As a left hander, I have experienced no problems at all. Even if your child is left handed, you may find that he has the ability to use both hands during different activities. Allow him to use which ever hand is more comfortable for him to use and it wouldn't hurt for him to develop some co-ordination in his right hand. But don't force it.

The only time it made a difference for me was when I was required to use my right hand to operate equipment at work. It took me a day to make the adjustment.

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7/27/11 1:35 A

Hi, this may sound silly but my toddler is showing signs of being a lefty like daddy, and I just wonder if any of you have lefty kids and how they do in school, sports etc? He is my little athletic boy. My older son is not into sports at all.

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