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BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
3/7/11 11:07 A

I never heard this and don't see why it would, but I did take it when my nails were splitting and it whipped them (and my crazy hair!) into shape.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
3/7/11 11:04 A

Food sources of vitamins are the best choices. Biotin has scientifically been found to help with the production of nails, skin, and hair cells while deficiency can cause dermatitis and hair loss.

Good sources include cooked eggs, rice bran, nuts, wheat germ, meats, and oatmeal.

Coach Tanya

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
3/7/11 2:33 A

Some vitamins actually contains calories?

But well some people always have cravings due to the fact that their body is lacking of certain vitamins but if you still follow the same diet but with additional vitamins it should not help in weight loss..

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
3/6/11 11:41 P

I would say no. I was taking a multivitamin (contained Biotin) every day and I was still over weight.

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3/6/11 8:02 P

I says it helps with growing your hair and nails but today while i was at work (i work at a drug store) one of the regular customers was buying 2 bottles of biotin. first she said i looked like i had been losing weight emoticon . then she started talking about the biotin and how her niece said that somebody from new york said that if you eat it before a meal help you lose weight.
If this really true? have any of you heard this before or are you taking biotin?
I've been already thinking about taking vitamins since I'm eating way less food than i did before.

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