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TURTLERAE55 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/5/11 11:51 P

Yes, just for 10 minuets and then it end up doing 30 minutes more.

JUNA89 Posts: 11,334
8/5/11 10:36 P

sometimes, to wake myself up and build energy.

8/5/11 7:40 P

The times I feel tired, fatigued and unmotivated seem to be the times I need a workout the most! If I can make myself get to the gym or do a workout video or even go for a little walk I feel SO much better. It gives me an energy boost and I feel better about myself and it keeps me on my diet one more day. I try to work out Mon-Fri and I usually take the weekend off. Knowing I just have to get to the weekend makes it easier to get myself to the gym, and sticking with a schedule makes it easier to get off the couch and go to the gym. It's all about staying on a schedule for me, if I miss a day, it's easy to miss two..... I don't always stick to it, but I try really hard to not miss a workout even if it's the last thing on earth I feel like doing.

It's a little bit silly, but when I feel too tired to work out, I tell myself, "Glynnis, you're worth it!". I figure that with all of the things I make time for, losing weight is so important to me, working out should get some of my time too!

INSIDEOUT2010 Posts: 572
8/5/11 4:45 P

Depends of the severity of the fatigue.

I work out 5 days per week. One of my off days is always monday, and the other one is a floater, depending on what my schedule is like that week or if there is a day that I feel really tired / just want to go home.

8/1/11 11:18 P

Sometimes it's really hard, and I totally agree about the overcast/rainy days. But studies show that exercise actually gives you energy. Doing something is better than doing nothing, so if you don't push 110% in your cardio session that day so what, you're still being active! I almost always feel better during and after I work out when I'm tired.

HSEISER Posts: 157
8/1/11 9:46 P

Usually I don't, but today I did. I was just determined to work out today since it seems like if I work out on Monday, I'll do it the rest of the week. I didn't exactly want to work out, but I did and I'm glad. I just put on my workout clothes and shoes, put on an exercise video that I really enjoy, and went for it. I guess it was one of those "fake it 'till you make it" kind of things :)

8/1/11 8:07 P

No, but I feel like I should anyway, just to stop feeling guilty about it! I have two kids under two and I'm breastfeeding, so there are some days that I really am just too fatigued to work out. I skip the workout but make sure to still count calories, drink lots of water, stretch, etc., and then I'll try to do a tougher workout when I DO have the energy.

If I'm just feeling 'blah' and don't WANT to work out, I just suck it up and force myself (after some strong coffee, of course!) ;)

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,358)
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Posts: 22,796
6/14/11 8:25 P

I did today.

MINKABONET SparkPoints: (1,502)
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Posts: 277
6/14/11 6:54 P

If my fatigue level is unusually high, maybe an 8, 9, or 10 on a 1-10 scale (or I'm physically ill), I accept that my body needs rest or something else.

If I'm less than an 8, I'll consider light yoga or something else mild, instead of intense cardio or prolonged circuit training.

If you're feeling fatigued a lot, consider seeing a doctor and also re-evaluate your routine. You may be over-working yourself.

ASHLEYVRONEK SparkPoints: (25,108)
Fitness Minutes: (10,351)
Posts: 566
6/14/11 6:08 P

Definitely not. I should. But I don't

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
6/14/11 5:58 P

I first determine if it's just feeling lazy or if I'm really tired. I'll listen to my favorite work out tunes, drink some water and move around some. 98% of the time, I feel energized in minutes and go for my work out. If I'm not energized I'll head to the gym any way and do what I can, with out beating myself up for not breaking my personal records. If the body is screaming "I need a break" I think it's perfectly all right to take a day.

NIMI1234 Posts: 666
6/14/11 1:57 P

I was extremely tired yesterday but still went to the gym and did cardio for 50 minutes.

BUCKO_BUCKO123 Posts: 9,362
6/14/11 1:26 P

no, but i am gonna start

6/14/11 11:59 A

Yes, no excuses! If I skip then I end up bargaining with myself to skip more and more days.

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
6/14/11 11:52 A

I go to the dance classes 2 times a week, but i don't do other exercise if i am not well.

KJECOW SparkPoints: (999)
Fitness Minutes: (3,326)
Posts: 22
6/14/11 11:42 A

I do, but I find that I don't always work as hard as I should when I am tired. I do Zumba at least 2x per week and then walk/run other days and sometimes it is hard to not just lay on the couch.

BLUSTAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (84,777)
Posts: 3,670
6/14/11 11:39 A

sometimes yes

6/14/11 10:20 A

I always make the effort--getting my endorphines pumping always makes me feel better when I'm tired/fatigued!

DMOSCIANO Posts: 885
6/14/11 10:04 A

try to because it always makes me feel better.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
6/14/11 9:58 A

Yup. Can't let my mood or the weather outside take over. I usually feel much better after my 12 minute surge.

6/14/11 9:56 A

yes. because those feelings all disappear when I do.

PEGUS63 Posts: 319
6/13/11 7:51 P

most of the time no-

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
6/13/11 6:26 P

It depends on why I am feeling that way (illness, lack of sleep, lots of extra stress). If it is stress YES YES YES!!! Get that stress out!

BRIGHTIDEA05 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,104)
Posts: 198
6/13/11 3:54 P


JCNLEZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,614)
Posts: 8
6/13/11 3:51 P

i try to do light exercise when fatigued--something not to strenuous, like chair exercises or yoga. it's difficult to actually work up the gumption to work out when your body wants to do nothing but rest. meditation and power naps do the trick for me and give me a burst of energy to do something, at least until the pain kicks in.

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (268,514)
Fitness Minutes: (110,273)
Posts: 14,338
6/13/11 3:38 P

JLVKOOY - having little ones and a difficult schedule can make it extremely difficult to find the balance of healthy time for you. With dh leaving at 5 am, is there any chance of getting 30 min of time after he comes home to give you a break from the kids & get in some exercise??

I would encourage you NOT to mentally beat yourself up in this "battle". I actually find that it definitely makes me feel WORSE. -- If you set a time, do your best to keep the "appt." and "just do it" knowing that you will feel better afterwards as you make progress in fitness.

But I very much emphathize with your challenges. Those early years when the kids were small were the times I failed the most in finding any sort of health balance in the area of exercise. It seemed often that I was just too tired to deal with it. You are least are thinking about it and trying to make it work.

Don't give up! Every "season" has its challenges. Persevere and you will push through to the next season and be even further down the path of fitness & health!

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
6/13/11 1:42 P

Sometimes. I used to always wake up at 5am to work out weather or not i was tired. Now, though, I only get 6 hours of sleep on a good day so I skip my morning work out because I am so tired and need the sleep. However, after work when I feel tired I still workout because I know my body needs it!

CRAZYMOMMA_T SparkPoints: (23,703)
Fitness Minutes: (20,984)
Posts: 247
6/13/11 1:19 P

Yes...I know now (after 9 months of going to the gym) I ALWAYS feel way better after a good workout! I sometimes get up later than I should, it isn't easy. But I don't miss my time at the gym, and I have noticed if I am too seditary on the weekends I feel so blah. The overcast days are tough just because it usually cooler outside too...but getting up and doing SOMETHING for exercise is better than nothing! And it helps me keep straight on eating well too!

MACGRAW SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,561)
Posts: 314
6/13/11 1:13 P

I find that my workouts are more productive when I'm tired or fatigued. I have to work harder during those workouts.

GRRARRGH SparkPoints: (33,430)
Fitness Minutes: (16,629)
Posts: 473
6/13/11 12:52 P

I know myself pretty well. I know when I'm just making excuses (I'm tired, I don't feel good, I had a crappy day at work, etc) and when I genuinely don't have a workout in me. If I have a workout scheduled and I'm just being whiny and making excuses to myself, I force myself to do it. If I genuinely don't have it in me that day (migraine, only slept 3 hours the night before, whatever), then I just do something lighter. Non-power yoga, for example, or just some basic stretching. That way at least I did something and I kept to my schedule.

JLVKOOY Posts: 30
6/13/11 10:51 A

I too am having a hard time with this. I have a hectic schedule and know that mornings are the only chance I have at any consistency. My kids seem like they are waking up super early and that has been hard because they are too little to be patient while I work out and my husband leaves for work at 5am each day. The thing is I spend the rest of the day feeling really guilty and down. I don't know how to push past this. I lay in bed each morning and think "I'm so tired, what kind of a workout will I get in now. Maybe I'll just wait until later" Well later never happens! Anyone have anything that will "spark" me into getting past this.?

4ME-4US Posts: 248
6/13/11 9:40 A

i don't let being tired be an excuse to not workout. I might go to bed right after i finish, or drink some caffeine to get me through, but i know my body needs that stress relief.

COLBYRS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,351)
Posts: 291
6/13/11 9:17 A

I push through it and workout, I always push through. If I don't I will always be tired, sore, feeling blah and not wanting to workout.

ONLY1EMPRESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (51,170)
Posts: 71
6/12/11 12:58 P

I do something short like a SP 10min video. Something fairly intense as well like the Jump Rope Cardio video. That way I know that even if I don't get to another workout, I've burned some serious calories. I usually DO make it to another workout though. Exercise is an energiser and I usually need to just get started to be on a roll!

Good luck!

AHURD80 Posts: 2,665
6/11/11 6:13 P

monday-friday! I get over it once I get movin'

GEOCARYN SparkPoints: (4,843)
Fitness Minutes: (1,708)
Posts: 153
6/11/11 4:44 P

Yes, it seems to give me energy.

NICK3RD Posts: 7,152
6/11/11 4:35 P

Sometimes you need too

DOROTHYLEE61 SparkPoints: (153)
Fitness Minutes: (20,644)
Posts: 5,582
6/11/11 4:26 P

Yup if I force myself..

6/11/11 4:18 P

I have a hard time working out if I feel sick or tired. I know the feeling. Weather doesn't affect me much but if I'm feeling really sad or frustrated I feel like I'm wading through peanut butter on the treadmill. It's like just going through the motions. Sometimes I feel achy and uncoordinated just because my attitude is in a funk.

BWING2010 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (355)
Posts: 15
6/11/11 10:17 A

You might have some kind of underlying medical condition if you are feeling fatigued for weeks on end. See a doctor. You might have a thyroid issue, anemia, blood sugar problems, etc...

SOOZERELLI SparkPoints: (56,050)
Fitness Minutes: (51,668)
Posts: 451
6/11/11 10:03 A

I try to keep my schedule - waking, bed time - very similar everyday and eat very healthy to help keep fatigue at bay. I also know I can't work out after 8:30pm because I will have a hard time falling asleep at a good time and then the next day will be thrown off. It is very infrequently that I can't fit exercise in before that, so when this might happen I would skip exercise for the day. Generally I see exercise and taking care of myself as a job, so I don't let myself give in to fatigue. Usually if I have a big glass of water, get going and I'll soon start to feel a whole lot better.

JREA24 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,396)
Posts: 2,435
6/11/11 9:14 A

Yes, I keep it moving.

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,804
6/11/11 9:03 A

When the sun is out and I've had a good night's sleep and not too stressful of a day, I have no problem having the energy to work out. But when the day is overcast and/or raining, or if I haven't had enough sleep or I've had a busy day around the house or a stressful and/or long day at work, the last thing I want to do is work out. I just want to skip it and take a nap.

What all do you do when you feel so tired, sleepy or fatigued? Do you give in to skip the workout or do you press on and do it anyway? Do you do a shorter workout than planned? Fewer sets, fewer reps, lower weights, perhaps? Do you do an alternative workout that's not so strenuous as the planned workout?

What happens when you have the whole week like this, when the weather is so overcast or rainy or the job is just busy all week or life just hits you for an extended period of time (a whole week or two straight or even a month)? How do you muster the energy or motivation to work out when you're feeling so tired without worrying that you won't injure yourself in the process?

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