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7/11/12 7:43 P


NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,617
7/11/12 6:46 P

My answer to this is "YES". I weigh myself daily but only count my weight once a week. It is not always the lowest or best weigh in, but it is the ONE time I have allotted. I know my weight goes up and down within the week and I do better watching the bouncing around but do not consider it a REAL weigh-in until my planned weigh-in day.

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7/11/12 4:58 P


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7/11/12 2:29 P


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7/11/12 1:15 P


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7/11/12 1:00 P

I know exactly what you mean, the scale stares me in the face every morning and if the number moves in the opposite direction I feel like my day is completely ruined.

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7/11/12 12:21 P

Daily, which has been my down fall. I expect to see the scale go down every day (which in reality can't happen) so I tend to use the scale not moving as an excuse to fall off my diet. I'm trying to work on only weighing myself once a week. However the scale calls to me every morning. I am obsessed. emoticon

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7/11/12 12:20 P

I do weight myself daily, but I think that it sets me back by doing it.....its habit now.

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7/11/12 11:52 A

Every few days or when I remember.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,513
7/11/12 11:13 A


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7/11/12 10:35 A

Daily- then I can spot and fix a plateau or problem sooner. Besides, I'm just too curious to wait a whole week. :)

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7/11/12 10:11 A

I weigh myself daily, but I only count it weekly.

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7/11/12 9:06 A

Daily, just to keep the importance of losing weight at the top of my mind. I try not to freak out if the scale goes up 1 - 2 pounds if I can see a reason that I might be retaining water.

The pattern I'm seeing is if I hit a new low, it will go back up a little bit for a few days, then it will settle into the new lower weight.

My lifestyle has been no weighing encourages bad habits. But this may be just me.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,466
7/7/12 9:48 P

Neither-- monthly.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,513
7/7/12 8:51 P

Usually weekly.......

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7/7/12 7:59 P


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7/7/12 10:35 A


esp after reading this article.

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7/7/12 8:19 A


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7/7/12 8:06 A


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7/5/12 4:05 P


7/5/12 3:14 P

I weigh myself every Monday. I also measure myself once a month because you can lose inches without losing pounds. I had been weighing in daily, but it got to point where I had to hide the scale because it was becoming an unhealthy obsession.

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7/5/12 1:06 P


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7/5/12 12:02 P


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7/5/12 12:00 P


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7/5/12 11:44 A

Weekly - but I just bought a new scale and it is digital reads higher than the other 2 we have around here, so I guess I need to go with the new weight which puts me .4 pounds OVER my starting weight.

Guess I am going for accuracy in the end...

FABULOUS4US Posts: 159
7/5/12 7:00 A


HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
7/4/12 8:52 P


NYARAMULA Posts: 22,825
7/4/12 6:59 A


7/4/12 6:38 A

Daily, but I refuse to let it frustrate me, i just step on the scale to remind myself that I am on track , i am doing this, & i am controlling my health :))

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7/3/12 8:07 P


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7/3/12 7:52 P

I've been weighing daily, but it's been discouraging not seeing the scale move except up. The first two weeks I lost 6( after quitting pop) then I gained 2 then gained two more. It fluctuates within a 5 pound area, but I measured my waist today and it's a whole inch smaller!
So I'm hiding that darn scale and gonna keep working hard. It's doing some good, I am making progress!

7/3/12 7:38 P

weekly, I love starting the week knowing my hard work paid off. If it doesn't budge, I think about how the week could have gone. Sometimes the scale just random, and I am starting to use other markers for weight loss. I had my doc take measurements so I know where I was, and can re-measure to see improvement.

BFITZ1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/3/12 2:28 P

3 or 4 times a week

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
7/3/12 2:20 P

Weekly or less!

GEOGIAGIRL2 Posts: 143
7/3/12 1:55 P

I weigh bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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7/3/12 1:47 P

daily.. but i need to quit!! Done great the past few days!!

CINCYCHIC27 Posts: 306
7/3/12 10:50 A


NICK3RD Posts: 7,152
7/3/12 10:31 A


ERICADAWN1986 SparkPoints: (34,913)
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7/3/12 9:51 A

I weigh myself daily but my "official" weigh-ins are Wednesdays. I do it under the same circumstances each week and it gives me a good indication of where I am.

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7/3/12 9:49 A


7/3/12 9:46 A

Daily, but I keep I mind that my weight fluctuates from hour to hour day to day. I just try to make sure I stay consistent. If I weight myself every day then my weight is always on my mind. If I skip it I have no idea if I'm staying where I want to be and heading where I want to go!

JENN42076 Posts: 281
7/3/12 4:50 A

I weigh weekly

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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7/2/12 11:56 P


You're right that your weight can fluctuate several pounds in a day, much less day to day. Weighing yourself daily doesn't give you an accurate picture of your fat loss. Sparkpeople recommends once weekly; I've gotten to where I prefer biweekly, because I like the larger number drops. :) I'm not losing weight any different, it just feels better to see it go from 201 to 199. :)

_LEELEE_ Posts: 8
7/2/12 11:30 P

I step on the scale every morning and night it keeps me focused i guess at this point I guess it's part of my routine

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7/2/12 10:43 P

Right now I'm at the point of obsessively weighing myself. I've been slowing down though. So I'm doing it daily.

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
7/2/12 8:21 P

I weigh monthly. I used to weigh myself obsessively when I weighed myself daily. I'd step on the scale a few times throughout the day.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
7/2/12 7:29 P

No. Daily makes me too obsessive, and weekly doesn't take things like last-night's-salty-pretzels into sufficient account. So I weigh daily for one week every 4 weeks. And that's all.

SPIRIT42013 Posts: 1,020
7/2/12 3:10 P

Monthly. Then it's a great surprise! If I follow my plan, things will go right anyway, and weighing daily will not keep me honest. The only thing that keeps me honest is following my plan to the best of my ability. The scale is not a miracle weight loss device.

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
7/2/12 3:06 P

I have been trying to get away from weighing myself daily. I don't think its all that accurate since your weight naturally fluctuates a few pounds even from the morning to the evening. So I have been weighing myself every thursday.

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