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8/2/13 11:14 P

I've never seen it.

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8/2/13 7:46 P


CATIEBELLE Posts: 7,788
8/2/13 7:40 P

Yes and I like her on facebook and her website where I have tried several of her recipes and her tips on new products.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,808
8/2/13 5:26 P

I was more into Hungry Girl several years ago (2007-ish) when I lost quite a bit of weight (some ups and downs from there, but I'm now at my smallest weight as an adult ever). She does have some decent tips, but I've largely moved away from fairly high calorie, processed replacements for other foods which a lot of what she used to do was (I haven't seen anything recent). I'm not a huge "clean" eater, but I do try to make all of my meals largely from scratch or as close to it as I can reasonably get.

I still make her taquitos to this day, however. The roasted squash is good, but it's not french fries.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
8/2/13 11:52 A

I've picked up quite a few tips from there she's really good, someone challenged her to make a cheesy mac and cheese. She got 4 packs of the frozen broccoli and cheese a low fat swiss cheese triangle and the whole wheat pasta. I love the frozen broccoli and cheese omg soooo good and so cheesy!
What I do is when I make the frozen broccoli and cheese I take it out of the package first so I can get every drop of the cheese, so I'm going to try her tip and make that this week.
She also had a good chip and dip where you cut lavish bread into little squares and use a olive oil spray and bake it for like 4 minutes, then you get salsa and mix it with fat free greek yogurt , each lavish bread is only 100 calories so it makes for a very low cal treat, heck I'd even skip the greek yogurt and just have it with the salsa hahaha
She also had delicious brownies that she made in cupcake foil, she'd buy a box of brownie mix and put pure pumpkin in it instead of eggs or oil and then use and ice cream scoop to scoop in cupcake foils.
She said all you taste is the chocolately goodness, I was like hmmmmm that looks good and it was only 110 calories a brownie!
Then she found a substitute for french fries, she got a butternut squash cleaned it out used the crinkle cutters used the olive oil spray for the cookie sheet put a little sea salt and baked them for 40 minutes, I'd love to try this cause it's a much healthier version and she said it tastes like french fries hahaha
I've been dvring her show cause she has so many helpful tips..... has anyone else watched her? thinking of getting her book...

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