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9/8/09 8:23 P

sometimes, depends on the day and how i'm feeling i guess

9/8/09 8:01 P

I do think if I wait too long to eat, it takes more willpower to make the right food choices, HOWEVER, I don't think its necessarily a bad thing to be a little hungry. I read somewhere that thin people realize hunger is not an emergency. sometimes I think its good to go a little longer between eating (ONLY sometimes) to remind my body of this. Its also humbling to go to bed hungry VERY occassionally. Hope this helps :)

9/8/09 4:39 P

If my stomach is growling it means I'm starving and I'm more likely to make poor food choices. I usually eat my fruits and veggies between meals to ensure I get five a day and to help curb my appetite.

SUNRYPE Posts: 140
9/8/09 3:53 P

Hmmm... Not usually, no. I do wait until I'm hungry though, but not ravenous... sometimes it's 2-3 hrs after a meal, sometimes 4-5-6 hrs afterwards... When I feel "empty" I eat... If that makes any sense! lol!!!

SEREN_SIGHS Posts: 687
9/8/09 1:54 P

I don't like the idea of eating every two or three hours. Admittedly that's how often I can be hungry, but it's not really convenient to be hungry that frequently or to have to eat at that time. Besides, surely thousands of years ago our bodies weren't designed to need food every few hours right?

I try to make myself wait at least four hours, and longer if I've had a big meal. Four hours is really good because it keeps your metabolism going but you won't make your blood sugar/insulin rise constantly.

I like to eat when I'm a little hungry but sometimes I'll wait til my stomach is growling if I'm busy or something. That way I know for sure I'm hungry too. But I do have to be careful and practice not eating everything if I wait a while like that.

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9/8/09 1:46 P

I'm kind of in-between - I don't eat if I'm a little bit hungry, and if my stomach growls like another poster said, I'm too hungry.

I also eat more by the clock, every 2 hours, and that seems to work well.

PETERTAWFIK Posts: 1,083
9/8/09 1:45 P

i eat every 3-4 hrs
and sometimes i will be snacking on veggies for hrs
usually start by 730 then again by 12pm then 2-3 then 630 pm

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
9/8/09 1:42 P

I also eat only when I am hungry.

I have no problem getting the required calorie allotment.

LINIFEMA Posts: 269
9/8/09 1:33 P

I eat when I am hungry. If I wait until my stomach growls (which to me means I am ravenous) I will overeat. I usually eat every few hours, whether it be a meal or a little snack.

9/8/09 1:32 P

Not anymore.

Since I have learned about how many calories I need in a day, I break them up and eat at set times throughout the day, which helps keep my blood sugar even.

then I don't get moody or feel icky.

So, for example, I need about 1500 cals a day, I break them up roughly like this:

7:30 300 cal breakfast
10:30 200 cal snack
12:30 300 cal lunch
3:30 200 cal snack
6:30 300 cal dinner
9:30 200 cal snack

On days when I am not so hungry, my snacks are smaller (or I don't eat my after dinner snack) on days I am ravenous, it keeps me from binging.

This way, I never get *hungry* but I can start to tell when I need my next snack. If my stomach growls, it's usually because I forgot to eat a snack.

HEALTHNUT114 Posts: 220
9/8/09 1:27 P

So we're supposed to eat when we're hungry....but when do you eat? when you're starting to feel a little hungry, or when your stomach growls?

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