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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
10/6/11 11:22 A

I do think they are kind of pricey. I only buy the ones that I really love. Even though I am likely to watch the movie over and over.

I usually wait until they are in the bargain bin

DWROBERGE Posts: 374,181
10/6/11 11:18 A

yes, way too expensive.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
10/5/11 5:48 P

I don't really buy DVDs given that I rarely watch movies more than once, so $20 for me to watch a movie one time - I don't think so! Sometimes, though, I find movies for $3 or something at the discount store or even less at the thrift store. Still, though, I only get movies I *really* would want to own.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
10/5/11 1:45 P

I used to troll the used Disc stores before money got too tight. That was video game and movie. Actually, I could probably get some decent titles for my last-gen systems if I skim the food budget.

We have a subscription to the Netflix webservice right now, only good if you're into expired seasons of shows missed due to not being able to receive basic broadcast... Or really old movies where only 20% ever reached cult status. Hulu is low-quality for such limited access to more recent stuff with commercials.

Right now, I could probably budget-skim for DVD's, but without television, I'm completely unaware of what wants to actually get my attention.

TRISSA3 SparkPoints: (9,694)
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Posts: 803
10/5/11 11:00 A

I hit the $5 bin at "Wally-World". My DD got three DVD's yesterday for $15. Pro-rate that for the many times you'll watch them compared to the price of a ticket, gas to the theater, price of popcorn and drink (even if it's bottled water!)...

Then there are the second-hand game/video places, yard sales, and Goodwill. Some people give DVDs as gifts to people who really don't want them. I rarely pay full price for any movies or books thanks to places like that.

LOSER05 SparkPoints: (500,230)
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Posts: 24,704
10/5/11 10:37 A


LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/5/11 9:48 A

In the near future everything will be available digitally anyway.

TEERIFIC Posts: 1,065
10/5/11 9:39 A

Some of the are rather expensive. I'll admit, if I see one that I like and its expensive, I'll stall to see if the price will drop. They probably would make more with lower prices.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
10/5/11 9:30 A

I definitely think so! I feel that they'll actually make more money if they were cheaper bcoz more ppl could afford them and actually buy them!

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