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4/4/13 2:41 P

OK, just to show you why it is SO IMPORTANT to get to a doctor and start working through probable causes... check out how many different conditions exist, in which common symptoms include "dry skin, fatigue and hair loss" - everything from hypothyroidism to anemia to eating disorders/nutritional deficits to lack of sleep"

I am hypothyroid. I have had TSH results come in at almost TWENTY. And yet I don't get "dry skin" or "cold" or "hair loss." Those are simply some symptoms that are COMMON to hypothyroidism but not necessarily indicative of hypothyroidism. It isn't normal to be experiencing all those symptoms, though... please do take steps to investigate further, and try not to be put off taking care of yourself by fear of encountering a judgemental doctor!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
4/4/13 2:40 P

Not every doctor is a jerk as you say. Find a new one, tell him/her your concerns, and go from there.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
4/4/13 2:39 P

As another poster said, your symptoms are not strictly related to hypothyroidism. Since your trackers are not public I cannot give any suggestions based on that, but I would strongly suggest finding another doctor if the one you have seems like a jerk. I had to change doctors a few times before I found one that I connected with and wasn't a butt head. There is NO SHAME in getting a second opinion.

One thing I will say is that any doctor you see, based on your symptoms, will probably want to see how you eat. So if you don't track, start tracking. Since you have a history of disordered eating, you likely should also be seeking help from a therapist and dietician.

Good luck.

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4/4/13 2:28 P

This is to some extent true, I used to starve myself when I was a teen to lose weight. Like REALLY starve myself. Sometimes I would faint because of it. So now my body is used to starving. But what about my skin and hair? I do eat enough protein.
When I scratch my face, a dry layer of skin falls off. And I can't wear make up it even makes it worse.
I'm not the only one who assumes that. My sports coach told me once that I should get my thyroid checked because of the way I looked, I always look REALLY sleepy as if I'm fainting.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/4/13 2:22 P

Sounds to me like you're under eating.

You claim "I exercise and eat little". How little?

If you're not getting enough protein in your body each day to build healthy skin, hair and nails, they will show it.

Gaining more weight if you eat any more is a common thing if you're under-eating. If that is the case, you've trained your body to get by on too few calories and that it's starving. When you give it extra calories, it gets by on the too-few it's always used to, and turns those extra ones into extra fat storage, because you're starving.

It takes at least 6-8 weeks of eating a normal healthy level to kick this pattern and begin losing weight.

Can you share more about how you eat?

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/4/13 2:13 P

The symptoms you report can be symptoms for lots of other things besides hypothyroidism. Your blood test results pretty clearly show you aren't hypothyroid, so you can expect your doctor to tell you "your thyroid function appears pretty normal." At which point, you review your symptoms and consider what else might be behind them, now that thyroid is ruled out.

If your doctor is "awful" to you because of your weight - find a different doctor. Nobody gets "excessively dry skin and falling out hair and always sleepy" from being overweight! There will be another explanation for it...

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4/4/13 1:48 P

I also said why I don't like going to a doctor! They're jerks to overweight people. I've had the experience. It’s assumed that we’re stupid, as if our whole lives were lived in a cave full of cake and we’ve just been waiting for a random stranger to deliver the Skinny Gospel. Yes, even doctors! Everything is your fault when you're fat; sore throat, aching back, or the axe sticking out of your skull are due to your weight.

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4/4/13 1:31 P


"I don't know if I should see a doctor"

Yes, please go see your doctor and discuss your symptoms.

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4/4/13 1:27 P

My test results:
TSH: 2.05 Normal TSH: 0.3-4.2
Free T3: 2.7 Normal T3: 2.2-4.2
Free T4: 0.8 Normal T4: 0.8-1.7

So it seems that everything is normal but I have severe hypothyroidism symptoms, extremely dry skin and hair, my hair falls off and my skin is extremely dry. I always have to be on a diet, I exercise and eat little and I'm overweight, and if I start eating normal I even gain more weight. I can't tolerate cold weather. It makes me very uncomfortable and when everyone is feeling ok I'm trembling. I'm always tired and sleepy, My face is puffy and I always look tired and my hands, feet and nose are always ice cold.

I don't know if I should see a doctor, he will probably say it's normal and I should try harder to lose weight. I know how awful they can be to overweight people, I've experienced it.

So I thought I would ask here first, have you had any similar experiences? Thank you for answering.

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