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8/23/12 12:06 P

it's tricky. my wife is really the only one i talk to about weight loss in real life. She's not trying to lose weight and I am, so sometimes she just thinks i'm either talking about it too much or bragging. Now most of the time I keep it to myself unless I reach a big milestone (every 10lbs or so)

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8/22/12 11:00 A

three letters, L.O.L.

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8/22/12 10:03 A

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Every ounce

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8/17/12 12:11 P

real asshole ain't the word for it Bill. He's intolerable! Not just about this issue, but everything else. Nobody else likes him either. He irritates the hell out of them, too. I guess there's a bad apple in every basket, or however the saying goes.

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8/17/12 11:35 A

Ya, you're right, he's taken it to a level I probably would not have. I was mostly harping on that woman for making this big deal about something that she couldn't even adhere to for a day. I guess I knew she was just doing it to look/sound trendy and hip.

But ya, if you tell him/ask him, hey, would you stop being a dick about it? He should get the hint, otherwise you definitely have a real asshole on your hands and I'm sorry for that :(

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8/17/12 11:22 A

yeah, but in my case, like I said, I haven't said anything about anything personal in several months and he's still harping on it. I can see if recently I've said that i'm on this or that diet, but come on already. Now it's bordering on harassment. I told him the other day, "hey look, you worry about yourself and I'll worry about myself, OK?" "seems like you're more worried about my weight than I am" I grew some big ones and I'm speaking up for myself now. If I want to get fat, I'll get fat. If I want to lose weight, I'll lose weight. It's none of your damn business! This is what I'm gonna say next.

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8/17/12 11:00 A

I agree, because I am that jerk, typically. The reason is that a lot of people declare it and then abandon it quickly. One lady said "I'm paleo now" and proceeded to have a bagel and a bowl of oatmeal. So ya, I'm going to call your ass out on it every time. I asked her if she was drinking paleo coke, you know, like our cavemen fathers before us. She also ate McPaleoDonalds that week too. I finally asked her if she was abiding by the Faileo diet and can we move off of the silly trendy diet and think about this sensibly. I don't have a lot of friends, I wonder why.

So my point is, keep it private and to yourself. It's your business. I've found it a lot easier myself to just let people know "I brought a lunch, thanks". Or "can we go to lunch together later this week at (you name the place that suits your diet), I'm far too busy today". Works out MUCH better.

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8/17/12 10:43 A

I tell you what! I dunno about your spouse, but never tell a co-worker that you are on a diet. You will never stop being harassed. I have a jerk of a co-worker who finds that he MUST state his opinion about every single thing I bring for lunch. I haven't mentioned anything about my diet or my weight in several months, but he insists on kicking a dead dog. One of the worst mistakes I've ever made. He's a jerk anyway.

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8/16/12 8:03 A

Great story KJ. I do tell my girlfriend, but there are times where I am not sure I should.

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8/16/12 7:26 A


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8/16/12 12:41 A

I've never heard of a flying wedding ring outing someone for losing weight. Awesome story!

What I'm taking away is that you can overemphasize it, but you an also avoid it (which spouses don't like--they want to be in-the-know).

Thanks man!

8/15/12 1:30 P

it went badly for me; I did not tell her. In fact, I tried to hide it. We were sitting in her cousins living room one day when I first started losing weight, my hands give me away first when I lose weight so when I was telling a story I used my hands and arms to show how big something was and FLING! Off went sailing in the air my wedding ring.

It was a long & quiet ride home.

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8/15/12 12:46 P

When I was losing weight, I was always tight lipped. Although my missus is one of those "naturally skinny" people, so there wasn't a competition or anything. I've also read about the ladies who get a little butt hurt when her man is losing weight faster than her (which is totally expected and normal) ... but they get feelings hurt nonetheless. My guess, and that's all that it is, would be to keep it to yourself unless she asks. But what do I know.

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8/15/12 11:40 A

Guys responses are preferred on this post. I'm sure the ladies (who follow the Guys Lounge) have valuable input, but I'm interested in a guys perspective, at this time.

Here's the sitch:

I find that one spouse/partner finds that their weight loss is faster, often it's a male.

When I Iose weight (or hit any significant goal), I want to shout it from the roof tops, often telling my wife about it first, but I also realize this could be insensitive.

How do you guys handle this?

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