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4/2/12 8:34 A


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4/2/12 7:28 A

I struggle with my goals. I find I lose weight but even if I do not change my eating habits gain it back . It is like my metabolic rate changes when ever I lose weight. I hope this will make me more accountable to myself.

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4/2/12 7:21 A


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4/2/12 6:53 A


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4/1/12 2:41 P

Yes, I struggle daily to continue to do my exercises but never giving up on doing any thing..

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3/30/12 11:23 A

Yes, I do!!

HANDYV Posts: 24,961
3/30/12 11:20 A

more than I want to - I really need to go back and reevaluate them and tweak them a bit

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3/25/12 11:41 A


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3/18/12 10:40 A

slowly but surely

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12/23/11 9:27 A

I'm achieving them; but it's not easy!

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12/23/11 9:07 A

I feel that I struggle with my goals a lot because I lack a lot of motivation most days. My depression seems to hinder me from a lot of things.

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12/23/11 8:53 A


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12/22/11 2:24 P

i have incorporated exercise into my work schedule so now my down time a work (lunch/breaks) are spent walking or catching up on the latest in healthy living

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12/22/11 1:08 P

Not really - found that If I set my mind to achieve something, I planned & strived towards it; If I fall - get back up and start again

AUSSIEJAN2 Posts: 2,943
12/8/11 11:08 A

Everyone does. The thing is not to give up. It will then get easier, and you will gain the mastery of them, one at a time.Just know that you can do it, if you never, never, never, give up.

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12/8/11 8:20 A


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12/6/11 9:26 P

Water. I keep it in 3 places, but when I am busy i forget it, or I get cold and want it hot. I guess i could heat it and even make chamomile tea or herbal teas, but I thought it needed to be plain water to count?

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12/6/11 4:50 P

I had to reset my fast break goals today. I think I may have started out a little ambitious and I wasn't meeting my goals. So I need better building blocks. Therefore I'm going back to basics and I hope within the month or so, I will be back to where I can choose the goals I originally chose. I didn't give up though. I just re-grouped.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
12/6/11 8:16 A

Try heating your water and put in some lemon juice.

AUSSIEJAN2 Posts: 2,943
12/5/11 11:34 P

I always have trouble getting enough water in cold weather. Fitting in my exercise is tricky too.

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12/2/11 9:33 P

My goals are very long term. Right now i am working on working out regularly and eating better. Looking at the recipes on here is a great idea thank you.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
12/2/11 9:09 P

Do you know what types of foods will help with your medical condition? I would suggest checking out for ideas on how to cook them.

What types of goals are you setting?

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12/2/11 12:52 P

I need a little encouragement cause i have some medical stuff going on and dont feel very hood. It is hard to stick with it for me cause staying on top of my food is draining of energy. I like cooking but dont really cook much. I am limited in what i know how to cook. Any tips or words of motivation?

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