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EBRYCE78 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (580)
Posts: 42
9/24/10 9:12 A

I am gunning for points right now! I like the points, i read lots of articles and learn lots.

RICH1028 SparkPoints: (6,968)
Fitness Minutes: (5,735)
Posts: 250
9/24/10 8:26 A

I like the points only when i'm actually doing things that help.

I wont do something just to get points. I do it for the benefit of the activity and the points are ok I guess. I don't really spend them, I have several thousand save up.

SCHAMRICK Posts: 1,050
9/23/10 8:30 A

I did, but then I stepped back and realized how much time I was spending on doing things to gain points and not gain anything from it.

It's a good "hook" to get you into the website and learn what it has to offer. But then step back, decide what features you like about it, and just use those. I track nutrition and fitness trackers and have loaded my family's birthdays on the planner. And I occasionally look for an article or recipe when I have extra time. And even post some like today.

GHK1962 Posts: 4,077
9/22/10 12:41 A

At the moment I am a freakin addict...but I can also see myself at some point does not matter.

What I do know is that while I may be a hog getting the Spark Points..I am totally NOT a hog keeping them...hell..get em...use em to make others feel ok. That works for me.

DANCELITER SparkPoints: (100,871)
Fitness Minutes: (111,501)
Posts: 494
9/22/10 12:01 A

Has gotten to be a habit with a little learning along the way and is a daily mindfulness alert.

SPARKYWATSON SparkPoints: (105,941)
Fitness Minutes: (164,258)
Posts: 1,552
9/14/10 9:49 A

Can't help there a website to help me stop getting points?

GEORGE7551 Posts: 1,677
9/14/10 12:06 A

kinda ... it's a game

WAMCVEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,623)
Posts: 222
9/9/10 1:37 P

I dig the points. I like seeing my team in the leaderboard and my name top 5 list of points on some teams I belong to. I've been known to keep a tab open in my browser for an article I've read in order to claim the points after my daily quotas/limits have been reset.

9/9/10 10:43 A

not at all

GEORGE7551 Posts: 1,677
9/8/10 6:34 P


SPARKYWATSON SparkPoints: (105,941)
Fitness Minutes: (164,258)
Posts: 1,552
9/8/10 3:04 P


GEORGE7551 Posts: 1,677
9/7/10 3:09 P

kinda ... it's like a game....

LCDAD75 Posts: 247
9/7/10 2:22 P

I don't really care how many that I have, but I have seen that the more active I am on the site, the more points I have, the more attention I pay to my progress.

FIGHT_FAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,663)
Posts: 403
9/7/10 2:10 P

I use them as a goal sometimes. Sometimes I don't pay much attention to them. Today I am using them to help motivate me and get me on the right track after a 4 day weekend. I got my 25 pt bonus today for 30 days active so I am trying to build on it and hit 100. I usually get 30 -40 pts per day.

TARGET48 Posts: 5
9/7/10 11:54 A

I'd like to say that I just don't care about them, but I still spin the wheel every day. And you can rest assured that I wouldn't be posting this if I didn't get points for it.

ARMSPORTS Posts: 1,310
9/7/10 11:17 A

I couldn't care less, nor do I even know exactly what they are used for.

SPARKYWATSON SparkPoints: (105,941)
Fitness Minutes: (164,258)
Posts: 1,552
9/7/10 10:41 A




FITPRO77 Posts: 1,821
9/7/10 9:17 A

yes, i dont know why but i do, lol. I guess its just cool to have more points.

GARRETTH91 SparkPoints: (4,433)
Fitness Minutes: (3,322)
Posts: 44
9/7/10 4:04 A

I like the idea of the points, as a check off. I like the idea of being able to earn points it helps me stay motivated.

GARIHOOD SparkPoints: (32,590)
Fitness Minutes: (12,263)
Posts: 1,748
9/6/10 11:46 P

It's a way to stay motivated and interested, so yeah. I'll take any incentive I can get.

INTHEWORKS1 Posts: 981
9/6/10 7:39 P

Yea. I think it kind of plays on the competitive nature a lot of us have. I don't worry about them too much though. I think it does help keep this site more active that most sites.

9/6/10 5:50 P

I think they are sort of stupid, but then again, I find myself trying to get more of them just because I'm competitive. Now I am happy because I got 3 more points.

HOSEZAY Posts: 38
9/6/10 4:42 P

Points do not motivate me.

Fitness Minutes: (31,721)
Posts: 367
9/6/10 1:34 P

Yes, for the motivational factor.

I have a real aversion to when people make a grab for points, especially on the message boards. That isn't building community.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
9/6/10 12:40 P

Spark points are my life. I shudder to think what my destiny would have been without them.

SPARKYWATSON SparkPoints: (105,941)
Fitness Minutes: (164,258)
Posts: 1,552
9/6/10 8:35 A

I get three points for this, right?

Last 2 days I didn't do anything other than spin and make a couple of quick comments on others logs and such.

Some days I try to get 100 if I'm going to be sitting in front of the computer waiting anyway. Other days, just what I can when I can.

AQUAPOWERS SparkPoints: (17,037)
Fitness Minutes: (28,749)
Posts: 616
9/6/10 8:21 A

They accomplish their purpose.

9/6/10 7:55 A

not really but I spin that damn wheel anyway each day

TURBO111 Posts: 2,647
9/6/10 7:46 A


9/6/10 7:17 A

Yes and no
The points themselves are pointless.
I find the process is great for learning about weight loss/healthy eating/exercise, etc.
When I have the time I try for 100 a day, but if life is busy, I sign in, record fitness and leave.

DAVEINSEOUL SparkPoints: (37,213)
Fitness Minutes: (55,975)
Posts: 1,113
9/6/10 2:35 A

The points help me stay motivated, but I don't go 'crazy'. Some days are better than others, though.

Sometimes, I spend too much time on the site, and sometimes, I get on it, track my stuff, do a blog, and get off.

BRIANETICS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,517)
Posts: 135
9/6/10 2:13 A

When I initially started I went crazy. Now I just kind of take whatever I get. I do the poll and trivia every day. I also try and get my posts points. But if not, oh well.

9/6/10 12:57 A

I like to interact, but I don't go crazy if I don't max out everyday. How about you?

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