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MYTASTEHET120 Posts: 12
1/2/13 4:05 P

Great ! Just add me as a friend !

1/1/13 10:35 P

Hey, I just started and I am 16 years old and I think that having someone to communicate with would be fantastic.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
1/1/13 1:28 P

For safety reasons, we ask that you please don't share personally identifying information, including email address and phone numbers (even for texting). You can use the SparkMail feature on SparkTeens to private message others on here, so we recommend using that instead.


Coach Denise

MYTASTEHET120 Posts: 12
1/1/13 1:24 P

Hi!! Im Hailey, Im 15 years old. Do you need help with motivation? With lossing weight? Need a buddy? Well i DO! . If you can help me I surely can help YOU!. Anyone that is 15, 16 years old would be great. Having someone your age helps a lot i heard. So, we can email, text, talk. I just need help loosing weight. Need food ideas, workout plans. I need someone that is in the same positon as me.
Thankks .

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