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12/31/12 11:01 A

Have lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco. Once I lived out in the country, but never again. For me it has to be a city, and for me that city is London. North London to be precise.

MKRETIRED Posts: 2,196
12/31/12 10:49 A

Minneapolis is the greatest, despite the cold and snow.

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12/31/12 10:47 A

We both love AZ but we still have 4 of our sons living in the Seattle area and it does beckon us back a little. We lived there 41 years. I grew up in Western Colorado and would move back in a NY minute. DW is from Texas and her family is a great bunch of folks. We could both live there as well.

At our ages (77 and 78) it appears that we will live out our days here in AZ. Summers are really hot, but this time of the year makes it all worthwhile and we have a son and his family and they are a great help to us.

CREAGER60 SparkPoints: (1,346)
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12/31/12 10:00 A

Yes! We live in Cincinnati. There is so much to do here! I am originally from Columbus, so it is nice to be pretty close to there-esp to get to my Ohio State Buckeye games!! Plus, we usually have all four seasons, which I like :)

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (564,684)
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12/31/12 8:57 A

Nothing mild about our winters in Western Massachusetts, but I can't imagine living anywhere else.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/31/12 8:39 A

I love where I live in central Florida but am planning a move to Northern California. My only Grandkids live there so I'll love it even more.

WILSON1926 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/31/12 7:54 A

Kind of. Like St. Louis except in winter.

GEORGIEGURLZ SparkPoints: (13,011)
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12/31/12 7:51 A

I like where I live, but I do want to move. I was born, raised and always lived in WV. But I want to move to GA. I went there in 1992 the first time and felt like I was home as soon as I got there. That happens every time I go. When it is time to leave I want to cry because I feel like I am leaving home. Don't know why, it just is that way. I get home sick for GA. The Palm trees and the Ocean call my name. I dream about GA. Some day, I am going and not coming back to WV but to visit. I have 2 Grand children, 14 and 9. I want to stay til they are grown. They need me here. Then, I will be GA bound.

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12/31/12 7:35 A

I live in Mishawaka, Indiana and it's not a very big city at all. It as been home all my life. My DH says that if we win the lottery we will move down south where it warm and he can golf all year around, but I say we won't. All of our family is here ( both side's). Since my sister past away I am my mother's only child ( step father had no children). I will never leave them!!!

VICSAC Posts: 418
12/31/12 7:32 A

I actually live outside of Austin, TX and love it.

The cost of living in low compared to many other parts of the country.

The job situation is good. Neither my DH, myself or any of our three adult children have have been laid off or unemployed.

I like the weather, it does get hot in the summer but the reward for that is mild winters.

A lot to do both in the city and in the area. You do not have to go very far from the city to live in rural areas.

A lot of colleges in the area which was a real plus when our children were in college. They all attended schools 45 minutes to an hour from home. Far enough to experience being away from home but close enough that them coming home or us going to see them was not a major hassle.

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BLUBEL1 Posts: 1,003
12/31/12 7:20 A

I live in the VA side of Wahington, DC and have mixed feelings. The traffic is a nightmare, it's expensive and you have to drive 45-60 minutes to get anywhere, much more if you live far enough out to have some farm animals.
On the positive side great museums, the Kennedy Center, lots of theatre, grat shopping, top notch medical care.

I'm fron TN and Nashville is a fab choice. I plan to retire there. My in- laws lived in Austin and it is also great. Can't go wrong with either of those.

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12/31/12 2:28 A

We live on Whidbey Island, about 40 miles north of Seattle. It's the most beautiful place I've ever been and I've been all over the world. San Francisco is my favorite city, but Seattle's a close second. But the weather is awesome, it's quiet and rural, yet only 45 minutes from a great city. I wouldn't trade it for anywhere (Moved from Arizona which I hate and never want to return to - nowhere worse, including the years I worked and lived in Saudi).

JENNINCAT Posts: 2,165
12/31/12 1:55 A

My husband is a freelance web and graphic designer so we can live anywhere as long as he had an internet connection.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
12/31/12 12:35 A

I love in Alaska and love it! Alaska is tough for some though, our housing costs are higher but we have a lot of job opportunities and endless adventures.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (597,266)
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12/31/12 12:30 A

I love living in South Texas.

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
12/30/12 11:02 P

Yes, California is a great and diverse state. Love it!

MEANREDS92 Posts: 818
12/30/12 10:56 P

Love love love Toronto. It's big, fast paced, and you're pretty annonymous espeically if you want to be. I only live here part time for school, but I'd love to be able to make the full move.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
12/30/12 10:17 P

I could be happy many places

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,081
12/30/12 10:16 P

We live in a tiny town in the northern Calif. mountains, lovely area, but don't get sick with more than a cold, you have to travel 2 hrs. to get to major hospital, and also major shopping. No jobs left in the timber industry, either. Check out where you go really carefully. We want to leave, due to husband's health, but can't find any place not full of coward crime givers.

MRUTH17 SparkPoints: (2,614)
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12/30/12 10:02 P

You should first search for safe neighborhoods affordable housing.

But if you are great friends with your cousin, move there.
What do you do for work that you can so easily move?

Some places simply have no jobs.
Seattle Washington has no jobs.
Pittsburgh only hires those who grew up there.
The entire country is lacking jobs.

Too many cities have no jobs or affordable housing.

if you have children, that is more situations to consider.
Where is your family?
Where are your friends?
Who has good schools?

3KATIE3 SparkPoints: (1,342)
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12/30/12 10:00 P

Born and raised in Flushing, NY for twenty years, moved to New Jersey and lived in Middlesex county for 25 years. After getting quite "over" the cold and dreary winters and snow I finally moved to beautiful Sarasota, Florida in 1996. It sits on the Gulf of Mexico and is not as hot during the summer as New York or Texas. This town has residents from all over the U.S. Sarasota has something for everyone, including beautiful beaches; Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lido beach, Turtle beach.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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12/30/12 9:47 P

I live about half an hour from Cooperstown, NY (Baseball Hall of Fame), and I like living in a small town but the winters kill me. My cousin (who lived around the block from me for years) just moved outside of Denver and she loves it.

SAILSCALL SparkPoints: (59,836)
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12/30/12 8:09 P

Born and raised n Buffalo, NY. Live in a great suburb.My boys are in 3rd and 6th grade. When the youngest graduates from high school, we're selling the house and going high-rise. I can see eventually buying a place down south for the winter months.

Do I love Buffalo, absolutely. Will I eventually need to go on vacation from Buffalo for the winter months, yep.

LTMURPHY7 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/30/12 7:40 P

Yes, i love where I live

JENNINCAT Posts: 2,165
12/30/12 7:32 P

So my family and I decided to travel full time in an RV to see the country. We've been traveling over a year and want to settle down in the next year or two but we aren't sure where! My husband runs his own business so we can live almost anywhere. We lived in Southern CA before we hit the road and LOVED it aside from it being way too faced paced and WAY TOO expensive. Ideally we would like to be a the country but not too far from a city with culture (museums, theatre, etdc). We would prefer somewhere with mild winters. We would love to buy land not huge amount but a few acres for some animals (goats chickens) and a garden. We've thought about outside of Austin TX or Nashville TN but are open minded! Do you love where you live and why?

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