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12/1/12 4:26 P

One thing I love about Costco is that their store brand food is really good. Of course, you should always check the nutrition labels, but the ingredients list is almost always extremely short and pronounceable!

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12/1/12 9:44 A

We do not have one anywhere near here. I wonder if there is even one in the state. We have Sam's Club. I have heard that Costco is a great place to go and that you can really save some money shopping there.

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12/1/12 12:22 A

I have a friend that worked for Costco for several years and loved it there.

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12/1/12 12:10 A

The people that I have talked to in Costco are very happy with their employer. If you want to continue losing weight, though, make sure you could the calories in all those samples!

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11/30/12 2:06 P

I recently saw a news article on Costos Stores and their employee-friendly policies. I would like to shop there. Is there one near you? Is the article correct?

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