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5/27/14 11:22 A

My son, who just turned 15, was diagnosed with Crouzon Syndrome he was recently diagnosed with sclerosis also. he has had 18 surgeries and now wears a back brace for 18 hours a day. Everyday I thank God for him and all the gifts he has given me. God will only give us what we can handle. My purpose and his plan for me is to be my son's mother. I trust in my Savior to always be there for me

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5/25/14 12:41 P

Hi, emoticon

I am working on my second generation. My grown son (30 yrs old) was diagnosed late, at 18. He already was diagnosed at 5 yrs old with ADHD. This was the missing link we were wondering about all these years. He's doing very well, working and getting married next year to a wonderful woman. He is a charismatic and intelligent man. I am so grateful for all the help I've had for him through the years. My grandson is 11 years old and has been diagnosed on the spectrum, too. They keep improving on the testing and it's getting better and better. We had him tested with the Gold Standard testing, too. Yes, it cost, but it was very worth it. My daughter was in denial and resisted earlier testing so he didn't get the therapies he should have when we discovered something was amiss with him at 2 years old. Despite this he caught up very well. He is very social, has close friends and aquaintences at school. He goes to an advanced program at a Magnet school for Science Technology and Mathematics. He also is working on competing again in the Junior Olympics in swimming. He competed last year. He is still learning how to not be impulsive and say things that are socialy inappropriate, but that is sure to resolve with training and time. He's doing very well and I'm so proud of him. After my grandson was diagnosed I decided it was time for me. Even though I've overcome many obstacles in my life I always wondered why I had such difficulty in my past socially. I was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, too, I was not surprised at all. No wonder I could relate so well to my son and grandson. Lol. It has actually been a blessing. I've been able to really help them as a family member and understand so many things other family member are puzzled by,

I'm glad you posted I hope you join the Autism forum here. It's very quiet and I know there are a lot of parents and adults that would benefit by the support.

Have a great Memorial Day!

emoticon emoticon

5/20/14 11:21 A

It's been a while since anyone posted, but new people Spark every day. My 10 yr old has been diagnosed with a range of issues including autism/asperger's, but we work closely with him and with the staff at his school. He is doing great; overcoming challenges with group settings and social acceptance.
Any other asperger's moms out there who'd like to check in? What do you struggle with?

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6/20/13 5:41 P

GOOD NEWS!! He just got a job! He will be working at the child care center near my work part time on call. He is so excited! And I am SO relieved!! Thank you all for your comments!

YETWIG - I can definitely relate. That sounds so much like my son.

SUSANFL1 - My son has an appointment July 3 with DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) for help getting a job. I guess we may or may not keep that appointment! He has been volunteering with the local Autism Society for about a year now.

SARAHMO4 - Thank you for the input. Because he is going to college and did well in high school, we aren't ready to think about social security disability yet, but it is good to know we have options!

JUNKDRAWER - Thank you for the book recommendation. We'll have to check it out.

SHELLSPACE - My son has also been in counseling since he was 5 years old. Sigh...

TRINITYROYAL - Thank you for the ideas. This is my son's very first paid job for someone besides family so he has to start at the bottom. He grew up with a brother 7 years younger than him and has learned a great deal through the years and loves children. I think this job will be a great fit. At least I hope so!

REACHING4STARS - Again, that sounds so familiar. Thanks for the encouraging words.

I appreciate all the input from all of you and will let you know how it goes. Anyone have any advice to help him succeed now that he actually found a job?!

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6/12/13 9:36 A

Yes my friends almost 8 year old as asperger's syndrome. He can be a challenge, but he is so loving you just can't so no to him too often. He does have trouble with school though, teachers don't understand how he is which also makes it difficult. And he is an easy target for bullies right now, because he will do anything they say not realizing they are trying to get him into trouble. He is very sensitive to certain things, like hair cuts, or loud noises. Also very energetic and unintentionally hurtful when he plays with others. A lot of people with asperger's syndrome do well in society. We just need to nurture them a little more, and help them more along their way.

6/11/13 1:44 P

A few quick thoughts:

A lot of people on the autism spectrum thrive on routine and predictability, familiar surroundings and clear expectations.

High school was a familiar environment for your son. He knew the people, teachers, routines, was familiar with the building, etc. Life in a familiar environment is predictable and comforting.

Lots of people with Aspergers syndrome who are happy and successful in a school environment have a great deal of trouble making the transition to working life.

Why? It involves facing the prospect of a new environment (a job) with unfamiliar sights/sounds/smells, new people, new skills to learn, an unfamiliar building, more complex social rules to navigate etc. That can be a huge challenge.

I would suggest helping your son to find a work environment where predictability and routine are part of the job. Also, an environment that allows him to use his intellect and skills, and to hyperfocus on things that interest him.

A few areas where people with Aspergers tend to do well are:

- information technology: quirky behaviour and differences are accepted, process-driven environment allows for familiarity and routine, IT often requires the ability to hyper-focus on a problem until it's solved.

- shipping/receiving: process-driven, predictable, routine-driven. Clear expectations and instructions. Allows for physical movement, does not require sitting still

- warehouse management: same as shipping receiving.

- skilled trades: physical, creative, yet predictable. Physical and tangible work, clear expectations. Instant gratification upon completion of the work. Attention to detail.

Hope this helps.

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6/8/13 5:12 P

My 10 year old son. It is a challenge for sure. He is so bright but emotionally and socially it is difficult. Things continue to get better with age. I have had him in counseling since he was 5 and he is pretty aware of his feelings now. Still has problems with impulse control and taking things literally as well as transistions ( I HATE summer break and so does he it messes with his need for continuity).

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
6/7/13 6:43 P

I have a young nephew that was diagnosed this year, and an older kid in my church. Both are high functioning and very intellegent but have issues with communication and understanding people. I don't really have good advice, but as a family member and friend I found the book "Look Me in the Eyes" by John Elder Robison VERY helpful. I helped me understand the mind and perceptions of someone with Aspergers. The author was not diagnosed until his 40's and it's the story of his challenges and triumphs.

BOINKY Posts: 26
5/14/13 5:10 P

All three of my children are diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis's. My oldest has many, one being Aspergers.

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5/13/13 10:41 A


I want you to know that seeing how successful you are has given me hope for my own daughter. Your seem like a very courageous woman. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
5/12/13 11:21 P

I have PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder=Not otherwise Specified), my older borther has Aspergers, and my younger brother has the level above ausbergers which is considered autism, not an sutism spectrum diagnosis. My guess is he may be confuses and need Vocational Rehabilitation to help with job skills or help with homework in classe, advising what to take and when, and the other details of college if he enrolls. Also getting everyone on the same page would be very helpful. Setting up a meeting for everyone to come together and discuss whats being done and agree or work on a mutual decision would be great. Everyone may have their ideas or is helpful, if it is confusing the child and not helping him, a different route needs to be taken.

As far as other things that may behelpful, know what your dealing with if he cant find a job or keep one consistently enough to pay bills and live his own life. This could mean looking into the process of applying for social security disability and what you would need to do if he needed a rep. payee or guardian. These arent first steps, knowing what to do in case someting happens is a good idea. Anything from realeases, doctors information, bank accounts and whats on releases can be denied acces to you if he doesnt sign a release for you to see information. It also might be a long process with communication. For me it was, I cant always tell what people are thinking or what they are trying to communicate. As a result, I have figured out ways to compensate. Looking into basic human behavior and body language has been very helpful so I can try to find some clue if needed.

As far as everything else, I am fine. I had to file for ssi disability and am on it currently with funding from ssi to go back to college. They feel I can work, just finding a job and getting education for a career that would work best for me is better thhan walmart or fast food places like in the past. I think he will do great, just getting everyone on the same page and finding resources or programs to help him be successful would be a great start.

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5/10/13 12:14 P

My mom has asperger's. Hobbies are her main focus. It's something she can do alone and put a lot of time and energy into. People with asperger's are usually very intelligent and have a high IQ. He would probably love to do something to challenge his mind and maybe bring out his talents. Maybe music or art?

SUSANFL1 SparkPoints: (6,775)
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5/4/13 6:20 P

Hi, I have a 16 year old daughter with High Functioning Autism. You're right everyone is different-but I suspect that your son may have some social skill issues-he sounds very capable already which is a good thing, but he may have difficulty understanding people's cues and functions without clear structure. There are nuiances to jobs that are difficult for any teen to manage but he may have more difficulty because of different perceptions of what others want or need. Without knowing your son is hard to say, but it sounds like he is extremely high functioning, but has difficulty with social skills which could hurt him in getting and keeping a job. Does his counselor know of vocational training programs that could help in the job? We have that here in Arizona (not nearly enough but better than nothing) There is the Autism society that is a national organization that may help. If you ever want to chat further let me know and I will be glad to. Having a child with ASD is very tough and isolating sometimes. God Bless.

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4/29/13 5:34 P

Well, my 19 year old and the rest of the family had been planning for him to go on a mission when he turned 19. He didn't go. He graduated high school, sat at home and played video games constantly. I encouraged him to go to the local community college so he could work towards his future. He has been doing well, getting good grades, and likes school. However, we have been trying to get him to get a job since he graduated almost a year ago with no success. We expect him to pay his portion, but he's having a really hard time getting a job and we're not sure why. It's so hard to know whether he just doesn't want to work, or he's putting forth all the effort and just can't get anything. My marriage to his dad didn't work out and I remarried about 6 years ago to a wonderful man. However, I've got my ideas how to raise my son, my ex has his, my current spouse has his, and my son's counselor has hers. I'm getting all this input from all these people about how to get him to get a job and it's driving me crazy! My son is so frustrated because everyone is telling him different stuff and I'm feeling pressure from everyone and I'm just having a tough time. I should be thankful that he is so high functioning and is able to overcome so much, but I just don't know what to expect, what is normal for Aspergers and what my son is capable of. I've been reading books on Aspergers, but everyone is so different.

MIRANDAFRM2 Posts: 291
4/29/13 1:16 P

My 3 year old son has autism. What difficulties have you had lately?

YETWIG SparkPoints: (298)
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4/29/13 7:48 A

I look after a 13yr old boy with Aspergers. It has taken nearly a year to get a conversion out of him, he gets in trouble at school quite a lot and he's parents find him hard work. He can be quite aggressive and doesn't realise he's hurting people ie his younger brother. He is lovely though :-)

BBENNETT SparkPoints: (122,360)
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4/24/13 4:45 P

I have a 19 year old son with Asperger's Syndrome and life has been very difficult lately. Does anyone else have experience with Asperger's Syndrome? Are you willing to share some thoughts and ideas?

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