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7/1/13 9:55 A

Vegetable soup, it's just so versatile. One can change the veggies, the broth, and spices to match what one has on hand. Even add a lean protein or a small amout of starch without messing with the calorie count too much. Plus, the amount I can eat it keeps me going for hours.

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6/4/13 11:02 A

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan. My family and I don't really care for tilapia so I use cod instead. Delicious!

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5/3/13 3:16 P

Caramelized Tofu with Brussels Sprouts
I've repeated this recipe quite a few times. I don't always serve it with the brussels sprouts, but I really like the cooking method where the tofu gets a nice crunch on the outside.

Honey Balsamic Chicken
We were going to use this recipe for the marinade and then grill the chicken, but I'm so glad we cooked it in the pan. It makes a delicious sauce they we were dipping our veggies into as well.

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers
I've used this recipe as a base for a few different variation of stuffed peppers. I usually cut the pepper in half so I get 2 stuffed peppers. they are so yummy and freeze well too. When peppers were on sale, I made a ton and froze them to take for lunches at work.

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5/2/13 3:55 P

Lately I've been making Crispy Baked Egg Roll because they are easy to make and very tasty! I've made them with shrimp and chicken so far. I'm going to make them the next time I have to bring a dish to pass, too. We love them. I do change the recipe a bit, but basically follow it as is (I don't use oyster sauce). I think I found it because it was a recipe of the day a few months ago.

I just wondered if anyone else makes a recipe frequently. If so, what is it? emoticon

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