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I have and I personally didn't like it at all. I felt rushed (sessions were 30min unless you wanted to use 2 for 1 hr). I was out of breath and the exercises were effective, but they weren't anything I don't already do when I'm in a gym and I could have felt out of breath more because I was being rushed from one exercise to the next. I lasted about 5 sessions before I realized it was a waste of my money and I could be working out on my own just the same.

Now if you choose your own trainer that isn't just from your gym, you may have better luck. I feel like I would love working with a really great trainer, and someone who is really invested in you rather than just getting through as many clients as they can in a day.

I love classes so to me, that's just as good as a personal trainer (especially if you find an instructor you love). If I'm already spending money for the gym, I just find it to be poor use of money paying extra when it isn't even improving my fitness level.

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7/12/14 12:50 A

No, but in lieu of that I am subscribed to fitness blogs and watch some helpful Youtube videos if I feel like my form is off or I need to learn more fitness techniques.

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I go to a small local gym where the services of a personal trainer are built into the fees. So I pay a bit more but it's worthwhile. There's a huge difference when my trainer watches as I do sets and corrects my form. I've made amazing progress in just a few months. If I were on my own without guidance, by this time I'd be one of those letting the fees come out of the account while I sit at home. :)

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7/11/14 5:03 P

Thank you for all the feedback and links guys!

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 years!

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First off, you have to understand that a personal trainer is a tool you can use to help you achieve any goals you have. What you get out of a session is dependent on what you put in. A personal trainer can teach you good form. they can teach you how to become fitter. They can even help motivate you. But, if you don't put in some effort, you won't get anything out of a session.

Let me ask you this, what is your track record with going to the gym ? Are you the type of person who applies to a gym, goes for a few weeks and then disappears while the gym keeps charging you a monthly fee ? Do you have a treadmill that you'd say you'd use every day, but has now become a thousand dollar coat rack ?

Hiring a personal trainer is an INVESTMENT in your fitness. Because I'll tell you right now, a personal trainer is NOT there to help you lose weight. A personal trainer is there to help you get fitter. Most personal trainers are not qualified to act as dietitians. Some are, but if a trainer says you need to eat X and Y to lose weight, make sure that trainer is a state certified dietitian or nutritionist.

That's the dirty little secret about training. I work part time as a personal trainer. I tell my clients up front, if they want to lose weight, they need to eat right and watch their portions. I am here to help them achieve any fitness goals.

So, my question to the OP, what are your fitness goals ? What is it you hope to achieve by working with a trainer ? I'll be honest. I lost all the weight without a trainer. Later, when I did want to learn more about being fit, I did work with a trainer. having a trainer can help you achieve your goals.

But, you do have to have some clearly defined goals. Because personal training requires discretionary income. It can be expensive. So, you're going to need to do your homework. Find out which trainers at your gym have the best reputations. Find out what their credentials are. Talk with them.

I can put you in a room with 15 trainers and if you tell them you want a program to help you get fit, you're going to get 15 different workouts. That's why you need to talk to the trainer to determine whether or not that person is a good fit for your needs. You need to work with someone you trust. if you don't have a good relationship with your trainer, you're going to end up quitting.

Read the contract carefully. Read the fine print. don't just sign. be an informed consumer.

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7/11/14 7:49 A

Personally, I don't need a personal trainer. I do work at a gym and we have 4 personal trainers. All of them have a style and various strengths. If you do do decide to use one, I'd encourage you to gather information and compare individuals.

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7/11/14 6:35 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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no but I've always wanted to

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Hey guys, was thinking of getting a personal trainer and don't know where to start so I thought I'd ask and see if you guys have any stories/feedback/or suggestions!

Anything along these lines would help me decide if I need one and what to look for.

What made you decide to look for a trainer?

What's important to you when looking for a trainer?

If you stopped using a trainer why?

Thanks guys/gals! Stay fit!

P.S. I may try posting/bumping this again in the morning when people are awake.

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