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8/21/13 8:35 P

I had to update my spark fitness settings to a burn of 6,000 cals/week and that put my food range at 1690-2100 or so... when I do the math on that, it is not really enough of a deficit for me, so I am not really listening to it. I get about 10-15k steps and do a fair amount of other stuff, but I feel like that much food will keep me maintaining, not losing.

Oh, and yes, I had to change my main activity level away from sedentary on Spark, too.

As long as you aren't going too low (fitbit originally had my calories at 860, which seems CRIMINAL to recommend) I think it is fine to go a little lower than their suggestion.

8/21/13 12:52 P

Thanks! That is helpful. I have a hard time customizing my spark plan. There are so many options that I feel like it has been difficult for me to get it accurate, especially since my habits have changed several times throughout the process. I have been doing this well on fitbit for to months, and don't feel myself getting worn out from it. I didn't think to change my activitiy level- that would probably do the trick. I never enter workouts, because besides e jogging I do once or twice a week, it is not really a workout- just a lifestyle.

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8/21/13 9:42 A

First of all- HOLY STEP COUNT! That's amazing! I bow down to your far superior step counts- way to go!

That being said, I don't use my fitbit for food/deficit calculations. IMO it's just not as accurate as spark- I also use a heart rate monitor for my workouts and manually enter the cals I burn (and the following day I delete the synced fitbit workout). I do think the bit is accurate for walking- but most of the time I feel it's off for full on cardio workouts.

I would recommend that you change your activity level on spark to one of the more active lifestyle choices- that'll adjust your caloric needs, and with your WL goal entered, you can track your workouts and be in range. Does that make sense? If I confused you (it's still early so I might not be as coherent as I think I am), do message me and I will explain again!

Keep up your awesome!

8/21/13 8:45 A

I use my Fitbit every single day. I love it, because it really encourages me to be more active. I know that since starting to use it I have become much more active. I walk a lot of steps. Many days I get 20,000-25,000 steps. I get 15,000 easily Monday-Saturday, and try for 20,000 3-4 days a week. I manage this by walking while at work while I do work on my tablet, and walking with friends in the evening or jogging on the treadmill while I watch TV. Sundays I usually only get 8000-10,000.

On the days that I get 20,000, my calories burned is quite high. I am burning 3000+ calories per day. I only want to lose 1 pound per week, so I should eat around a 500 calorie deficit according to fitbit. Yet this feels like a lot.

So, if you have a fitbit, do you follow Spark recommendations, or do you base it on the calories burned every day on your fitbit?

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