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3/21/14 7:19 P


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3/20/14 4:17 A


ISLENAA Posts: 729
3/20/14 1:58 A

depends on how sick i am...i always listen to my body.

MNCYCLIST Posts: 6,988
3/19/14 3:37 P

Depends on how sick I am, and right now I'm too sick to exercise. I'm hoping, however, to push through and get to the gym tomorrow.

RITACOMPU SparkPoints: (98,878)
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3/19/14 3:37 P

not really

SWEETCALA1962 Posts: 433
3/19/14 2:29 P


SWEETCALA1962 Posts: 433
3/9/14 11:02 A

not really

SISTERPRETTY Posts: 15,266
1/26/14 7:40 P


SBECKER526 Posts: 1,515
1/26/14 6:09 P

yes, with doctor's advice (RA and breast cancer)

RITACOMPU SparkPoints: (98,878)
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1/26/14 6:06 P


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1/26/14 4:15 P


LIFEINTHEZONE SparkPoints: (14,474)
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1/26/14 2:58 P

Depends on what is going on. I have not exercised in a week because of an upper respiratory thing going on. Terrible cough and it is really, really cold outside. Today it is milder and I will walk. Sometimes getting sick is my body telling me to slow down and just rest.

SUSIEGENO SparkPoints: (68,496)
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1/26/14 1:56 P


AREEJ_R SparkPoints: (27,942)
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1/8/14 4:52 A

it depends on my condition, yesterday I was feeling so well but I couldn't exercise because it was so cold I couldn't even move , I was lying under blanket all the time

MLEHTO Posts: 734
1/7/14 3:50 P

It depends on where the illness is. Digestive system, probably not. From the neck up, probably will. Neck down, maybe, depending on how I feel. I've been battling a chest cold / flu for almost two weeks so I haven't been exercising.

SUSIEGENO SparkPoints: (68,496)
Fitness Minutes: (74,148)
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1/7/14 3:27 P


12/19/13 10:31 P

For colds, light exercise and a steamy shower afterwards often help clear it up. However, if my body is truly exhausted and "Sending me to bed" to rest, then I listen to it and try to take a day off to just drink lots of fluids and focus on healthy fuel for recovery. If I'm bummed about missing a workout, I try to focus on planning what I will do after I get better.

I often have to take breaks from running because I have knee issues off and on and have to cross-train when it acts up. It's hard to stop, but it's just what my body needs. If I don't listen it will just get worse.

You are developing a new lifestyle and learning to rest occasionally is healthy.
Just remember to focus on maintaining your motivation and getting right back into your healthy habits and routines once you are recovered and you will be fine!

GRACILU Posts: 466
12/19/13 8:33 P

I do but I also let my body tell me. I often feel better after I exercise too but if I don't, you're on the right track, to rest. Keep up the good work.

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
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12/18/13 10:51 A

I exercise through general colds, but I feel anything in my chest I take a couple days off.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
12/18/13 10:38 A

I exercise through colds, sometimes modify. I don't exercise when I have the flu or stomach issues.

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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12/18/13 9:32 A

I just read an article stating that. I think more than anything I am just real sore from yesterdays workout. At least I still did 25 minutes! I'm just going to focus on eating healthy today and probably go for a light walk instead of the run.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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12/18/13 8:47 A

I generally follow the rule of thumb that light to moderate exercise is ok if it's above the neck, but if it's in my chest, I'll take the day off.

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
Fitness Minutes: (6,266)
Posts: 266
12/18/13 7:23 A

This is the first day I woke up feeling sick since I started my weight loss journey. I changed up my routine this week which included running and a lot of body weight exercises so I'm sore from that, but I also just feel very drained. I woke up with a scratchy chest and some congestion. I was going to continue on as usual because sometimes when I'm feeling this way I feel better after exercising, but I just did my first 25 min cardio and I'm feeling even more tired. I also could not push myself at all during the workout. It sucks! Do you exercise when you're sick or do you rest? I'm asking you personally what you do but also want to know if its better to rest or not when you're sick.

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