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3/1/13 2:15 P

I actually switch to maintenance for holidays, so I can set aside my weight loss goals and focus on not gaining. It's kinda a dry run for dealing with the real world after I hit my goal weight!

Don't worry about it. Two days are not going to spoil your progress. Odds are you'll bloat a bit afterwards, but unless you eat 3500 calories over your maintenance calories, you aren't going to gain weight for two days. :)

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3/1/13 2:12 P

If you look at the bigger picture, say look at your average over a week instead of daily, moderate holidays can fit in fine with no big changes. Maybe eat at the lower end of the range (not under it, just on the lower side) for a few days before or after if you're concerned about it. Assuming you aren't totally over indulging, worst case is that you will lose less or maintain for a week. In the grand scheme of things, that isn't really that big of a deal.

Have fun in France! Im sure you'll get lots of exercise there, just doing daily stuff.

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3/1/13 12:10 P

Remember there is a lowest range you need to meet in order to ensure that you get all the proper nutrients for the day. I can be under calories as long as i make the rest of my numbers. I normally don't look at calories anyway. just for laughs and giggles, i have calculated my food intake on SP and even though I was below calories, i hit all my nutrient levels.

Also personally, i don't go with calorie banking though some on this site may say it is fine. If i know a holiday is coming, i may add in an extra workout. You will probably get some good walking in France.(not sure of the weather).

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3/1/13 11:20 A


I've stuck to my suggested ranges so far and I'm looking for some advice. I'm significantly under today, having had fruit and porridge for breakfast, and a baked potato with beans for lunch. I have 1079-1429 cal remaining from my allowance of 1780-2130. Normally I'd make an effort to eat a bit more for dinner but I have a trip to france this weekend. It's only for two days but I'm aware i'm going to find it difficult to stick to my tracker, especially with a lack of packaging and internet access and an abundance of wine.

I'm unsure what to do tonight, should I allow myself to have a larger defecit than normal? What do you think?

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