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TWOCANS Posts: 3,986
10/14/13 4:09 P

It depends; I do things I absolutely despise, but I also try to do things I enjoy better, because I'm more apt to stick with the exercising.I love anything that incorporates kicking and punching, so I gravitate towards that, but things like lunges (bad knees) and modified push ups, (carpal tunnel issues) are things I still do a bit but not constantly.

10/14/13 2:52 P

I would keep looking for something else to love to do - not that there is anything wrong with walking, and that's something you can continue to do, but I'm sure there is something else out there that will be more appealing than a cycling class you are dreading. Maybe it's strength training - I used to HATE lifting weights until I began a specific training program that had me track my progress - all of a sudden, I started to get excited about seeing my strength improve. Or, maybe swimming or Zumba or CrossFit will suit you better. Or maybe a team sport, like soccer or Ultimate Frisbee. I'd say keep trying new things, and even if it takes a while, you will learn a lot about yourself and maybe make new friends in the process.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (252,290)
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10/14/13 1:30 P

I do a bit of both - I enjoy spin, running, cycling, walking - so I do those several times a week

I hate push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, etc - but I make myself do them because they are effective

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
10/14/13 12:43 P

It's a balancing act, if what you love isn't working then you have to try something else and maybe you'll come to love something that works. If you dread the spin class, move on to something else. Walking your usual route isn't giving you the workout you need/are looking for so it doesn't make a lot of sense to keep doing just that. You can always keep walking if you incorporate something else that gets your pulse up.

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SERENE-BEAN Posts: 1,413
10/14/13 9:44 A

What you love and can stick with is exactly what will work best in the long run, and the long run is what matters.

PRINCESSAA12 Posts: 473
10/14/13 7:50 A

Do what you love and you will stick with it. Do what works best and you'll just dread it. On the long run, walking is best since you love it and are more likely to stick with it.

DANAEBOYCE1 SparkPoints: (16,481)
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10/13/13 10:58 P

I think do what you love. you can turn it into a run, or add sprints. Do jumping jacks at the corners, or wear ankle weights, but don't do something you dont like. You are not likely to stick to something you hate doing. If you like to walk, do it. I think doing something you love will definitely be something you can be consistent with, and you can add intensity by adding jumping squats at streetlights and things like that. Plus, walking is good for you anyway.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (424,195)
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Posts: 13,410
10/13/13 7:54 P

I do what I like best, which is running on the treadmill.

HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
10/13/13 7:20 P

Both. It depends on if I am in a plateau or my level of energy.

GOALWTIN7 SparkPoints: (2,121)
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Posts: 306
10/13/13 5:15 P

Didn't read all the comments so don't know if this is a repeat but read an interesting article last week where it said, just because you sweat does not mean you are burning more calories than other activities you enjoy and then went on to explain why.

I am also someone who likes to walk. Two years ago I joined hiking groups for the first time. It was an easy transition from being a neighborhood walker. I would suggest the Sierra Club. There are beginning hikes to advanced. Beginning hikes can be 5 miles but if you are healthy, very doable.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
10/13/13 3:32 P

Do both--do the things that motivate you the most a couple of times a week and alternate those with more intense exercise.

DELLA81156 Posts: 201
10/13/13 7:33 A

Thank you for the idea to make Walking more interesting... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

VARELSE Posts: 69
10/12/13 8:32 P

Do the same hour walk, but incorporate walking lunges into it, maybe. Those will definitely get your heart rate up, and they are low impact on the joints.

10/12/13 12:03 P

I think you should keep walking! maybe add small ankle weights or even wrist weights :) I've seen people hold small 3lbs dumbbells too

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/12/13 11:30 A

@BABAST, as an exercise-induced sweat hater by nature, I used to be an avid lap swimmer ... until about 2008, when my schedule got so crowded (and there is NO decent, clean publicly-accessible pool nearby to where I live or work) I could not make it over to the community college [quite a bit of a trip] where I would purchase a double session (one for lap swimming, then the other session was "Open Swim", where I would use my hand buoys in the shallow end; and then do deep-water non-lap swimming) ...

Now, THAT had been something ... I get that same relaxed, refreshed feeling sometimes after an intense, highly cardio session of belly dancing ... I have learned to relish the sweat produced by the land exercise ... has not been easy about that sweat--but it's been fun along the way ...

Partially because of the less-sweat factor and that same-as-having-swum feeling afterward, I'd gotten extremely involved with yoga ... which style I'd gotten involved with at a studio, had not been good for me insofar as I'd gotten a little dysthymic ... and then, of course, diabetes and inflammation had put the kabosh on that too-excruciating-too-slow style ...

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BABAST Posts: 32
10/12/13 11:17 A

Just here to chime in with the others; keep walking, but look for something to do other than what you hate. There's so much out there!

For me, swimming's what I love. Sadly, June-September are the only months I can do that, so I have to seek other options. But if there are any indoor pools in your area and you can afford it, I'd say go swim once or twice a week! It's a great full-body exercise, and if you don't like laps (I don't) you can water-jog or just flail around finding things that put some burn in your muscles.

Good luck!

BEVKING SparkPoints: (26,194)
Fitness Minutes: (7,805)
Posts: 1,169
10/12/13 11:13 A

I do what I love, but I also like to challenge myself. I do like squats and pushups, but I see the best results from them. I'm not going to give them up, just because they are not one of my favorite exercises to do. emoticon

10/12/13 10:42 A

If you don't enjoy it, you won't do it. It is much easier to find excuses to not doing something if you don' t enjoy it at some level.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/12/13 10:22 A

I too love walking outdoors. I wanted to amp it up by switching to running but have joint issues. The walking I do I consider to be good for my health not for loosing weight, although I have read on here that others have lost weight that way. I love it enough to do it everyday and have done so for 5 years.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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Posts: 2,072
10/12/13 10:19 A

In my case I always do what I love. I know that if I was going to a class that I didn't love then I would only put half the effort into it which would defeat the purpose of going to the class. I also find that it is a waste of money to go to a class that you don't like. I love yoga, but the class offered down the road is not one that I liked so I stopped going. Don't waste your time or your money doing something that you don't love especially when it comes to exercise because that is how you loose your motivation.

QOFHXO SparkPoints: (9,886)
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Posts: 72
10/12/13 10:18 A

Without the love you won't stick with it long term. My advice would be to try as many different activities as possible until you find a couple more that you love and mix them in with the walking. Example: I hated spinning even after trying it many times but loved kickbox from day 1. Hated tennis but loved racquetball almost immediately. Have fun experimenting!
Something else is out there that you will love.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/12/13 9:32 A

Yeah, I'm fussy that way too. In addition to not really being able to afford outside classes/gym memberships or have the space for home equipment where I live ... boy, am I fussy!

I will NOT go to a yoga class that's any tougher than my home yoga practice (which is lengthy, comprehensive and kicks my butt, given my current limitations) - particularly, if it has any curveballs thrown in: e.g. they throw in [without adequate warmup FOR ME, that is] crow pose, (formerly it used to be headstand, and now any expression beyond dolphin for that is contraindicated for my condition), many other arm balances, etc. .... [For the record, curveballs in yoga class used to draw me in for a time ... WHEN I'd been healthier at the ripe old age of 55 ...

I AM SO fussy that I will go to a MAT pilates class that bootcamps me, curveballs or no ... and these classes are now so overpriced that there is a limit as to how much of these I will take ...

Effective? Hardly, I'm still skin and bones (and hanging skin) ... and not strong anymore ...

But the wolf is kept away from the door, in that I maintain a baseline (very baseline) level of strength and tone ... my home yoga practice does a lot for my arms and core, notsomuch for my legs--this particular pilates teacher taxes my (even already naturally still strong) legs ...

Nothing like an intense cardio belly dance class for effectiveness. [I now need plenty of cardio for my condition, as well.] I do those at home on my own. Have had to choreograph something shimmy-intensive ... sometimes I'll do SharQui DVD...

But plain old, highly choreographed bellydance rules! (the cost for those classes tripled right near me, and is no cheaper elsewhere, so guess who isn't in class anymore? emoticon ) As does walking my hills near home (knee problems, leg cramps, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis necessitate so slow I can't even track walking.).

Favorites? Low rotation.

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SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
10/12/13 9:04 A

Love walking

10/11/13 11:08 A

Do what you love and experiment to see if there are other things you love, too. Consider running! It's outside, too, and with no hills, could be a great option for you.

I.M.MAGIC Posts: 13,195
10/11/13 10:50 A

I agree that you are more likely to stick with something you love. You shouldn't dread something that is going to be an integral part of your life from now on, so look around and find something else instead of spinning. There are a LOT of options out there--personally, walking doesn't do anything for me but cause pain! Kind of hard to get a cardio workout that way... LOL

On the other hand, I LOVE to dance. I have created some playlists on YouTube of my favorite upbeat dance tunes, and just "rock around the house"...

And now there's this thing called "dance walking"... I'm thinking it might be a way to make the walking work for me--google it or search it on YouTube, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Maybe it's something that will appeal to you to add to your walking routine...

Either way, life is too precious to spend it fretting and forcing yourself to participate in an 'extracurricular activity' you no longer enjoy--especially when there are so many options!

Kathy emoticon

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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Posts: 4,388
10/11/13 10:11 A

I love what works best! Just because it does...

I don't do what does not work for me...even if it works for others.

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FLOYDIE40 Posts: 34
10/11/13 9:53 A

I say commit to what works best at least 3 times a week, and never ever stop walking. The walk probably heals your mind and soul more than the physical side. Use it to quiet youself, etc. It's wonderful for you. The work out part of your week needs the intensity of something else. Keep looking for one you enjoy.

ASTHENIC SparkPoints: (1,393)
Fitness Minutes: (3,277)
Posts: 1
10/10/13 1:56 P

Definitely quit the Spinning class if you're really not enjoying it. I've found that it's really impossible to continue performing an activity that I dread - running was this way for me. I cannot stand running/jogging.

Since you like walking, you might think about starting C25K. It's a walk/running program that uses interval training to boost your heart rate and condition your body to be able to run for longer durations. Even if you don't progress to the "full running" levels, you'll still be using intervals of faster movement, which will elevate your heart rate.

If you're looking for more variety, try other classes. Body Pump and Zumba are two of my favorites - upbeat music and the classes fly by because you're always moving and thinking about the steps/lifts. Spinning can get boring, so you might like BP or Zumba. Check into Leslie Sanstone's Walk Away The Pounds series, too - they're all over YouTube, and they're great exercises that can be done at home with no equipment.

Walking is great foundational fitness and everyone should try to walk more, but for cardio conditioning and calorie torching, I think that supplementing your walks with other classes is a great idea. Skip around and try lots of new classes or DVDs until you find something you love, or that you can at least tolerate.

Good luck!

SPARK921 Posts: 3,353
10/10/13 1:07 P

I also do both. I love swimming, biking, walking my dog, yoga, and most group fitness classes. I HATE the elliptical but it is low impact and, because I live out of town four days a week traveling and staying in a hotel, sometimes the elliptical is my only choice.

I choose to do whatever I have available to keep on moving!

10/10/13 12:39 P

I run distances and do barre classes. Running is my cardio and kills the calories, and barre takes care of training/toning. I HATE using weights and doing reps on my own, but barre class is a full-body toning workout.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
10/10/13 12:25 P

I do both. Honestly, I hate doing intervals and I dread my lower body day but I enjoy hiking and swimming. I consider those to be fun physical activities and it's not so much part of my planned exercise routine.

As far as results go... intervals are the most effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and weight lifting pays off big time.

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TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/10/13 12:10 P

I used to personal train and often my clients would ask me, "What exercise burns the most calories?"

And I would tell them: "It's the one you like doing most, because then you will do it and do it the most often." It wouldn't matter to me if they rode a bike, went to a group exercise class, or ballroom danced.

Stick with what you love doing but maybe find some other things you like doing as well. Hiking might be good for you too. It depends on your fitness goals too. If you are just trying to maintain your weight and stay healthy, walking is fine. But people have lost weight by just walking, too. If you want to strength train, maybe bring some exercise tubing with you and after every few blocks do some sets of strength work with the tubing, or just insert bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups..

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CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
10/10/13 11:57 A

Do a mix of both.

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
10/10/13 9:26 A

If you love it, you will probably stick with it and I believe that would be the key.

ALBERTJON SparkPoints: (3,133)
Fitness Minutes: (7,415)
Posts: 1,299
10/10/13 7:01 A

JAIMESIZED: The two exercises you mention are the main two exercises I do consistently and for the longest periods of time. About the walking: I know exactly what you mean. I don't have many inclines/hills where I walk either. And I agree that it is difficult to get the old ticker beating hard by walking. One thing I have done to force myself at least occasionally to really get a good workout in walking is to record accurately the miles I walked and the exact time it took. Then I figure out my mph. I have found that when I deliberately make myself walk 4 or more mph, I really get a good sweat.

About the spinning: I would say a "warning" sign is that you are beginning to dread it. That will make you begin to dislike exercising. I spin a lot, but I overcame the mental block of disliking it by buying a bike, putting it in front of my exercise room TV, getting some ear phones, and watching/listening to TV as I spin. That did wonders for me, because when I have not done any spinning for the day and am watching TV, I just ask myself, "Is there any reason you can't be watching the TV show and be spinning at the same time?"

Do you listen to an Mp3 player or iPod when spinning? Sometimes great music will really make a spinning routine a bit of fun. It may not be possible/practical for you, but having my own bike and being able to watch AND listen to the TV while spinning made a world of difference for me.

Anyway, keep walking! Walking is a great form of exercise!

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
10/10/13 1:59 A

I have the same issue. The problem that I have is that I do not challenge or push myself on my personal walks - I will push myself on the treadmill or the bike or something of that nature because I can see the difference. I would do both. If you can stick with the walking and you really enjoy it - do it and aim for a few bike classes a week.

10/10/13 1:03 A

Realistically, it's both. What we 'love' may not be healthy or as productive in our workout goals as what works best. If you can't love what works best, just learn to appreciate it.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/9/13 11:35 P

weight lifting.......Love it. I do it 4 days a week.........

10/9/13 11:32 P

I think do what you love, because ultimately the best exercise for you is the exercise that you will do consistently. That said, be willing to try new activities to challenge your brain and muscles and to expand the repertoire of what you enjoy.

I love TurboKick. The first month of classes I hated it and felt like a bumbling fool because I couldn't follow along much, but I love it now. It is a challenging workout but I have a blast even when I screw up the moves lol.

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (101,272)
Fitness Minutes: (85,633)
Posts: 493
10/9/13 10:54 P

I would definitely recommend running. It's a great way to spend time with yourself, outside, in your neighborhood and still get your heart rate up, get a challenge, and meet your goals. It's something you can start gradually and work your way into. There is a lot of material out there for advice for beginner runners. I, personally, thinks it's the best way to get a workout and enjoy the surrounding environment. I have learned especially to enjoy running on vacation because it's a great way to explore while still getting a workout in!

DANCEMOM1970 SparkPoints: (44,190)
Fitness Minutes: (70,772)
Posts: 185
10/9/13 10:39 P

Tough one. For me, I have to love it but also love the results. Zumba is my absolute favorite activity by far. I do 3 class of Zumba a week every week, and actually have scored 4 for a couple months as I actually organized my favorite instructor to come to my work and do a series of classes for me and my coworkers (sneaky, huh? LOL). But I've been doing 2-3 of these a week for over a year and I'm sure that although my intensity has changed in that time (100 lbs lost helps....), my body needs different activity to push it. So in between I also take a weight training/toning class (not my favorite, but definitely needed and afterwards, I always love how strong I feel) and the other days I do cardio for an hour on an elliptical and treadmill. And I'm pushing myself to go further and faster in what I do. Those challenges keep me motivated and interested. Not sure I was helpful, but I do think there's a balance that needs to be taken into consideration.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
10/9/13 7:04 P

Especially without hills, walking is going to be limited in intensity. And more intense exercise definitely has health and fitness benefits

But to stick with exercise in the long term, it is important that you actually enjoy it. And if you dread cycling class, I'd drop it.

Do what you love, but perhaps experiment with some alternatives to find something more intense that you do enjoy.

Perhaps one option might be to transition from walking to running with a Couch to 5K program.
These programs work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking, and are a great way to gradually increase the intensity of your exercise.


10/9/13 6:51 P

You could try a weighted vest or maybe explore other exercise options that give you the best of both worlds.

...Are you gaining weight with the walking? if not then maybe do the high intensity stuff occasionally to keep fit cardio-wise

Maybe try jogging at low intensity or jog for intervals during your walks to raise your heart rate

IGNITEME101 Posts: 7,110
10/9/13 5:38 P

Spirit first then soul then body~ That's what I've always said!

GENIE118 Posts: 732
10/9/13 5:33 P

Do what works best and you will never regret it. Ultimately, what works best becomes what you love.

VKKESU Posts: 1,010
10/9/13 3:42 P

Most gyms have several types of cardio classes. I like the Werq and the Zumba classes. Sometimes I'll go to their kick boxing too if I get bored with the others. Switch it up. It's good for the body and soul.

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
Fitness Minutes: (23,467)
Posts: 563
10/9/13 3:27 P

I think you should change up your workout, but not with something you hate and dread. Walking the same distance/intensity every day is healthy for you, but if you're trying to get more fit and lose weight you probably are going to have to change it up.

I'd look into some other options. Try running. Jump rope. Take a cardio class or a water fitness class. Do a workout video. Try an elliptical machine. Go dancing.

I would think that there are lots of options out there that you would enjoy just as much as walking. :) And I expect you'll see better results from not getting stuck in a rut.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
Fitness Minutes: (27,770)
Posts: 1,169
10/9/13 3:13 P

In the end it's really about what you are willing to put up with. A class you dread going to and try to skip is probably not something you can do long term. One of my rules for myself when I decided that I was going to get in shape was that I was not going to do something that was not sustainable. So while I don't have to LOVE it, I have to like it enough to do it regularly.

I hate working out at the gym; I don't like the machines, the atmosphere, all the people. Every time I have joined a gym I have ended up struggling to make myself go. So I don't go to the gym anymore. On the other hand, I love Zumba, so I go to Zumba class twice a week. I don't love exercise tapes at home, but I don't dislike them either, so I do those as well. I've cobbled together a program that works for me. It's probably not as fast as going to the gym would be, but I am a lot happier.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
10/9/13 2:49 P

As you're finding out, the motivation to exercise is hard to find when you don't love the activity. What works is something that you will do. Something that you will do tends to be something you at least like. :)

Have you thought about picking up the pace during your walks so you're running for a bit of your walk?

10/9/13 2:31 P

My favorite activity in the world is to go on hour long walks in my neighborhood. There aren't many steep hills unfortunately, so even with power walking my heart rate doesn't rise too much. But still, walking is something I can stick with, and do every day without growing tired of it.

HOWEVER, the cycling class I always go to keeps my heart pumping hard, and I pour sweat! But it's not my favorite activity, and I'm beginning to dread it. Honestly, I have a cycling class tonight, and I'm not wanting to go... at all :/

So my question is, what would YOU do? Do what you love, or do what works best?

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