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6/22/13 8:48 A

Muscle building requires you to be at a caloric surplus. If you are at a caloric deficiency, you will not build muscle, but you will get to keep most of the muscle mass if you do strength training (ST). So ST is still good for you when you are losing fat, even if you don't build any more muscle.

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6/21/13 5:46 P

No, sore muscles do not mean you're building muscle. :) It just means you're challenging them more than usual; lack of pain doesn't mean that you aren't getting an effective workout. Basically, DOMS is an occasional side effect of exercise... not an actual goal or measure of effectiveness.

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6/21/13 4:43 P

Oh, thank you :)

6/21/13 3:35 P

What you're describing is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

It generally only happens when you do something your body isn't used to doing. As your body adjusts to having a routine, it can eventually go away completely. It has no effect on muscle building.

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6/21/13 2:45 P

When I first started exercising my muscles would be sore, especially during muscle isolation workouts. Now for example when I do ab work, my abs are sore for a few hours that day and then they don't hurt the next day, when they used to hurt for several days. Am I still building muscle even though they are not sore the next day?

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