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7/11/13 8:19 A


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7/11/13 5:34 A


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7/11/13 5:33 A


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7/11/13 2:50 A

when i REALLY sank down...

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7/11/13 1:52 A


It is highly advised not to do such. It encourages a bad relationship with food. And why reward something like weight loss or fitness goals with the thing that has kept you from reaching those goals in the past?

If I have a craving for something that maybe isn't the healthiest, I allow myself a bite or small serving and be sure to include it in my tracker. I know reasonably that I'm not going to stop eating the things I love for the rest of my life, so I have learned how to incorporate them into my healthy lifestyle.

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I have to answer yes, but now its no. In the past year, all my dieting efforts were blown by my "Friday Night Date" with my husband. I'd do good all week long, lose weight, feel great, and then go out to celebrate ONE good meal just to bloat and gain 5 lbs the next morning and spend the next week getting it off again. Did I say getting older is not for sissie's? LOL. Anyway, I hung up dieting 2 months ago and went into a depression, but here I am on the other side, ready and motivated and will no longer do my date night and hubby knows it. I may do one the end of August, but by no means weekly anymore. When I reach my goals then I'll evaluate what I can manage.

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No way

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7/10/13 5:46 P


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7/10/13 4:17 P

No that is dangerous.

I did before and I believe that is part of the problem for me. Food is for sustenance it is not a reward or a punishment.

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7/10/13 3:54 P


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7/10/13 1:32 P

No, never really did.

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7/10/13 9:21 A

Not any more!

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Oh, no!

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7/10/13 8:16 A

Not in the way I believe you mean it. I don't give myself "treats" if I do something well, or need solace, etc. I do find that most pleasurable outings center around good food - I love nice restaurants that serve things I just wouldn't have at home. Some things I don't like to cook, others I don't cook well, some places just have their own "signature" dishes. So I guess I'm another "yes and no."

OTOH... in considering... I find I seem to sometimes do the opposite of what you asked here. Is that screwy or what? Some days if I've gone off plan a bit, or I'm feeling unpleased with myself (for almost any reason, not just food-iness), I will eat something I know very well I should not be getting into. I feel lousy even while I'm doing it... while I'm *contemplating* it -- it's almost like a "punishment." WTH is *that* about? I never really thought about it before. It's not a consolation or a comfort. It's a distinctly "bad-bad" action. I've always said I'm not an emotional eater, because I don't eat for the "good" feeling. But evidently I *do* eat sometimes for the reverse side of that coin. Huh.

Now I wonder about myself. On yet another front! great.

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7/10/13 8:07 A

Sometimes Usually a piece of dark chocolate

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7/10/13 8:02 A


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7/10/13 7:38 A


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7/10/13 12:31 A

Initially I said "No" - - but there are times that we celebrate by going out to dinner (family). So yes sometimes.

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7/8/13 9:44 A

kind of - For my journey there isn't any food off limits but I will reward myself with a nice restaurant

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7/8/13 9:40 A


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7/8/13 9:34 A

I don't have splurges exactly because with the calorie cycling there it is always okay to eat something extra on most days.

But I've really tried to get out of the reward mindset regarding food and exercise and watching my weight. Feeling good is its own reward for me. If I started thinking about food as a reward, it'd be the slippery slope UP the scale again as I have a million things in life that bother me and if I ate to compensate, I'd be giving food too much allure and power.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,186
7/8/13 9:18 A

I try very hard not to "reward" myself with food. but I do allow myself "mini splurges" as part of my healthy life style

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7/7/13 9:39 P

Not anymore but I did for a very long time....sort of I worked so hard, I deserve it kind of thing.

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7/7/13 9:31 P


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7/7/13 4:02 P

I reward myself by going out to eat (but check online to fit what I'm going to get into my daily meal tracker.) I really, really hate cooking, so it's more the idea that I didn't have to make it.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
7/7/13 3:46 P

I avoid rewarding myself with food, but I also try to have a diet I can take pleasure in regularly. So there are foods I eat that are on other people's "never ever!" list, and there are foods I avoid that are healthy, because I really just don't like them.

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7/7/13 3:26 P


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7/7/13 3:16 P


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7/7/13 3:15 P

only the really good kinds of ice cream and chocolate. I also reward myself with computer game hours. 1 hour of work out 1 hour of computer games.

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7/7/13 2:39 P


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7/7/13 2:05 P

I do not reward myself with food 'quantity' (i.e. work out hard, get double dessert - nope!), nor do I reward myself with 'access to junk food" (i.e. I've been so good all day, I deserve Doritos - nope!)

What I do try to do, is give myself really nice foods, good quality foods, "specialty" items that I really enjoy but maybe cost a little much (i.e. a better cut of steak, halibut instead of snapper, specialty cheese instead of processed "cheese food."). This is more a reward for good-management-of-my-grocery-budget than it is for "good diet behavior", though. I do this as often as my budget allows, and it is NOT tied to my "diet performance" in any way.

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The story of my life!

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