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6/20/09 7:20 A

no, I'm a guy

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6/20/09 7:08 A

No, I just sweat it off.

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6/20/09 6:56 A


MEEMOOF3 Posts: 527
6/20/09 12:30 A

It all depends on when I work out. If it's after work, then the makeup is on. On the weekends I usually workout before my shower so it's off. I'm not a fanatic about it.

KATANA_X Posts: 2,557
6/20/09 12:09 A

I prefer to remove it. Every now and then I'll start a workout and realize I forgot to wash my makeup off, and I'm not going to stop and go wash up if I've already started exercising.

Sweat on my face after a workout doesn't feel too bad as long as I wash it off, but sweat AND makeup feels slimy and gross, IMO.

SPEECHIED Posts: 1,038
6/19/09 9:27 P


CAREFREEME Posts: 1,867
6/19/09 9:25 P


KATORS Posts: 284
6/19/09 9:19 P

I too only wear eyeliner and mascara, so I just leave it on. I don't put it on especially for the gym, but I already have it on because of work, and I don't really see a need to take it off to work out. I don't wipe my eyes while I'm working out so it's not a problem.

6/19/09 9:09 P

No, I don't wear makeup.

SACTOKAREN Posts: 27,304
6/19/09 8:39 P

I rarely wear make-up at all, so definitely not when I work out.

JCJSKI5645 SparkPoints: (91,205)
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6/19/09 7:19 P

No, I always wash before working out

CEILIE2 SparkPoints: (280,198)
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6/19/09 7:17 P

Sometimes I do,I do not go out of my to put it on to exercise.

RESULTS361AP09 Posts: 9,239
6/19/09 7:07 P

Are you kidding? I sweat so much when I work out that makeup would be running off in buckets! I don't usually wear makeup anyway so I don't have to worry about it.

SEMUSPARK SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/09 7:04 P

Nope, not unless I forget to take it off. I usually work out at the gym during the week and makeup stains the gym towels. Even if I'm running outside, the mixture of sweat and makeup can't be good for my skin so I try to always wash my face before running.

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6/19/09 6:21 P


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6/19/09 6:21 P

I only wear mascara and eyeliner, so yes I do and it usually is gone by the time I'm finished.

JENPOSEY Posts: 44
6/19/09 6:17 P

NO. I take it off if I am going to work out. Otherwise different things happen. I sweat so much I can get makeup in my eyes... ouch... and usually I will break out if I dont take my makeup off first.

6/19/09 6:05 P

The only thing I do with make up on is attend weddings, funerals, and occasional fancy nights out.

PERSISTENT33 Posts: 527
6/19/09 6:03 P


EVANOLASCO Posts: 1,405
6/19/09 5:07 P


ANMORR111580 Posts: 5
6/19/09 4:46 P

Generally no, but if i have it on when i decide to workout I will leave it on

SNAZZYONE Posts: 325
6/19/09 4:43 P


BOLAURAOK Posts: 3,771
6/19/09 4:31 P

If I have it on when I go. I don't put it on for the workout

FAYLETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/09 4:16 P

I never wear make-up, so no.

SISTERDIXON Posts: 2,184
6/19/09 4:11 P


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6/19/09 4:09 P

I only wear mascara so I don't worry about it.

RANDOMTEXAN05 Posts: 813
6/19/09 4:06 P


SPROSE Posts: 1,522
6/19/09 3:50 P


6/19/09 3:43 P

I usually exercise first thing so I don't have makeup on, but if I exercise at night I just normally wipe my face with a baby wipe and be on my way.

KIERSTENELLA SparkPoints: (10,305)
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6/19/09 3:32 P

Nah... I don't think I've worn makeup in like... five years. But I remember wearing it in high school and I definitely would wash my face first to do any physical activity.

PBARONE2 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/09 3:31 P

I don't wear make-up very often so, no. But if I was wearing make-up, I would exercise in it.

6/19/09 3:29 P


LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
6/19/09 3:28 P

nah... it's a gym, not a beauty pageant!

CHM0815 Posts: 445
6/19/09 3:23 P

It sounds like a lot of people are like me with not taking the makeup off if it is already on. I also use Bare Minerals but I have acne prone skin. Ha! I'm 30 years old with the skin of a 16 year old! I think it might actually be a combination of a lot of things- warmer weather, new workout that makes me sweat a lot more, plus I am really trying to drink alot more water so maybe my skin is flushing out all the gunk that is causing a temporary surge in breakouts.

JTHURM8940 Posts: 185
6/19/09 2:32 P

Only if I already have it on. I try to exercise first thing of the day, but if I have to go somewhere and exercise later, I leave it on. A lot of times I don't put makeup on even if I'm going somewhere though. I'm happily married so who do I need to impress???

RWADLER Posts: 117
6/19/09 2:30 P

no make-up! Who am I trying to impress?

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6/19/09 2:25 P


6/19/09 2:24 P

No way, I sweat so much, what would be the point. It makes my face feel yucky.

SMOOTHNELSON SparkPoints: (132,251)
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6/19/09 2:15 P

no but I don't wear makeup

FJELLREV Posts: 1,240
6/19/09 2:14 P

I do if I already have it on.

KIMBERLY412 Posts: 298
6/19/09 2:11 P

Mascara ALWAYS... or else I look ill.

Eyeshadow whenever and nothing else... I want the rest of my skin to breathe.

6/19/09 2:07 P

Swimming, so no...

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6/19/09 2:04 P


NKDUB211 Posts: 1,721
6/19/09 1:48 P


TATIANA35 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/09 1:47 P

Sometimes if I go to the gym right after work. But usually I like to come home wash my face and then go work out. I dont like to sweat with my makeup on.

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
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6/19/09 1:43 P

If I'm doing cardio on the weekend I make a point not to wear make up, however during the week if I already have it on I will not take it off. I use Bare Minerals and since using them have never had a problem if I accidently forget to wash my face before bed or if I wear it while working out.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
6/19/09 1:30 P

Never wear make up pores open up and if there is makeup well it can't be healthy letting makeup go into open pores..
Nothing looks more funny than eye make running all over the place, but then again some women are only hunt for men and don't enough work to work up a sweat.
A gym is not a social place, really annoying to ask people to move if just hanging on machines chatting up the opersite sex. Been going to gyms 10 years I can spot a serious exerciser and women on the hunt, remember not all married men wear their wedding rings at the gym, these get bent and buckled lifting heavy...

Edited by: RENA1965 at: 6/19/2009 (13:33)
B_N_JONES SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/09 1:29 P

No, I sweat wayyyyy too much for that. I never understood how people do that

CATTHOMPSON1969 Posts: 568
6/19/09 1:21 P

When I worked full-time (outside the home) and used to work out after work, I usually did leave the make-up on without noticing any difference, but if you see changes in your skin, you may want to quickly wash your face before working out.

It may just be a summer thing for you.

CHM0815 Posts: 445
6/19/09 1:17 P

I was wondering how many people wear make up while exercising.

Up until this week I was because I workout after I get home from work and my makeup is already on. What I wear is supposed to be okay to exercise in but my face started to break out a lot lately so now I try to remember to wash my face before getting all sweaty.

Does anybody else wear makeup while exercising? If it's already on, do you deliberately take it off?

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