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SBURDEN Posts: 11,207
5/7/13 9:09 A

I typically feel supported

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,946)
Fitness Minutes: (9,921)
Posts: 2,249
5/7/13 8:03 A

NO WAY!!!!! I feel they are an awesome motivator to all of us. The training & time they give to a sport they love MY THREAT IS THIS: I am threatened by my own thoughts when I come home from a long day at work & I allow nudges of thoughts to creep in & say ' Oh this feels so good to sit back here in my special recliner & just relax"

KARALEAM Posts: 4,946
5/7/13 12:36 A


BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,730
5/6/13 11:58 P

Not at all.

STRONGERLEANER SparkPoints: (172,241)
Fitness Minutes: (47,405)
Posts: 17,458
5/6/13 11:44 P

It would depend on the person/athlete.

It would also depend on what I was planning to do and how they wanted to "help."

More than likely I would feel flattered and excited that I might get some good pointers...unless it was to run. I don't run yet. Still need to strengthen the leg.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,734
5/6/13 9:52 P

I don't know a single soul who is physically fit, or an "athlete", except for the people parading around on tv, selling their books, DVD's, plans, oils, etc. which I consider to be not "real life", since they have lots of paid help to just fool around with themselves and their looks all day.

POWER2XCEL SparkPoints: (17,333)
Fitness Minutes: (5,561)
Posts: 362
5/6/13 9:24 P


J2740LOU SparkPoints: (323,148)
Fitness Minutes: (302,238)
Posts: 3,775
5/6/13 9:21 P

Challenged. and motivated.

DIANITAH SparkPoints: (72,642)
Fitness Minutes: (7,365)
Posts: 3,083
5/6/13 8:41 P

No, I find them motivating.

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
5/6/13 7:29 P

Challenged, sometimes in awe

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (272,331)
Fitness Minutes: (111,212)
Posts: 14,670
5/6/13 6:41 P

Neither - everyone has something that they are good at if they look for it. I can only be the best "me"!

CHERYLHURT Posts: 62,239
5/6/13 6:08 P

no, I used to be athletic but now I'm 60!

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
Fitness Minutes: (39,981)
Posts: 2,322
5/6/13 5:16 P

So my husband suggested we should go running together tomorrow. He runs further and faster than I do, and is in a healthy BMI range, and I am not.

1. I feel intimidated. I am afraid he will run too fast for me and I will wear out really fast.
2. I feel guilty. For not being able to keep up with his pace and needing to take more walk breaks.
3. I feel inferior. For the reasons above.

I know he wouldn't ask if he didn't enjoy running with me, but ever since we ran a half-marathon together for our wedding and feeling quite inferior about my pace and stamina, I haven't really wanted to go running with him. OK, I'm actually getting tears in my eyes thinking about it now!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
5/6/13 4:13 P

I would not feel threatened, I would feel challenged though. I would have to remind them that I am not at their level so I might have trouble keeping up.

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
Fitness Minutes: (24,637)
Posts: 1,913
5/6/13 3:52 P

I feel insspired by athletes

RONIGH Posts: 631
5/6/13 3:46 P

I feel challenged, and I love feeling this way. My role model, before his scandal, was Lance Armstrong. I wish someday sooner rather than later, I could win a marathon. I admire all athletes without exception.

IRISHGIRL3 Posts: 866
5/6/13 1:21 P

This is a recent change for me. I used to feel challenged until I've gained this latest 15 lbs. Now I feel threatened. I'm aiming to change this though

5/6/13 1:02 P

I must say, I am IMPRESSED with the high amount of people are unaffected by others in superior shape, good for you, I will strive to be that way, too.
emoticon = me
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ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (158,732)
Fitness Minutes: (159,461)
Posts: 7,346
5/6/13 11:06 A

If a runner asked me to run, I'd pass - I don't run and I would hold them back. However, this is how it goes for me:

I go to the gym and get on a stationary bike. The guy next to me is climbing hills on his bike, sweat dripping off his elbows - I look at his speed and workout load. I am running a flat course at a medium load - I up my load a couple notches and try to match his speed. Sweat starts dripping off my elbows too.

If I get on a treadmill to go for my walk and the person next to me is running - I pick up my pace.

Yes, the inner athlete dying to get out is challenged by the athletes - but not in physical shape enough to be competitive with them.

SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
5/6/13 10:43 A

At my age, I know I'm not an athlete and have NO desire to be one. I enjoy my walking outside with nature and I'm usually the only one exercising in this rural neighborhood. I motivate myself.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
5/6/13 10:31 A

I generally use people who are doing more than I am as a challenge to be better. Now, I realize that I most likely will never be able to bench as much as the 200lb gymbro next to me, but I can use the girl who is running at a pace a half mile faster than mine on the treadmill to motivate me to push it a little harder.

HOLLYM48 Posts: 19,201
5/6/13 10:28 A

no, I just admire them so much!

NEPTUNE1939 Posts: 17,932
5/6/13 10:16 A


ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
5/6/13 10:11 A

My first thought when I read the title to this post was that we are all athletes. I saw a quote a while ago that said, "If you have a body, then you are an athlete." I attend a lot of group fitness classes and I am a very competitive person. If I see somebody with awesome ability I respect them and I try to challenge myself to do what they are doing.

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
5/6/13 10:04 A

Neither - I know what I'm capable of and don't try to do more because I have hurt myself in the past pushing too far and would rather fall behind than not be able to do anything because I've hurt myself.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,048
5/6/13 8:26 A

Neither. I run with friends, many of whom are much faster than I will ever be. I am not threatened by them because they're faster. I can't be challenged because I'd never, ever keep up. I just enjoy their friendship and we all share our experiences.

5/6/13 6:24 A

Maybe a mixture of all for me depending on "how" buffed or athletic they are. A recent incident of this was last year when my gf & I were at Fitness19 and when we're there we usually do our own thing so It was chest & tricep day for me and cardio for her. I usually never have a spotter because at the gym I go a bit lighter so I don't look foolish, well I must've looked like I wasn't gonna make my last rep when I got a helping hand. I was concentrating so I didn't really give a thought of who was helping until I racked the barbell. All I can say was that she HAD a nice rack and yes, she was way more buffed than me. She started to walk away and I said, "Thanks!", she didn't turn around but she did wave her hand in acknowledgement and said, "No problem, let me know when your ready for your next set."


That was my last set,....I'm thinking she may have thought I had more to go since it was probably her warm-up weight, lol!

I went over to my gf after I wiped the bench and re-racked the weights and as soon as I got to her she said, "It's okay, you're not in trouble."

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/5/13 12:28 A

I never had that offer, but I think I would love it. I would have to talk to the person first and see that they really wanted to be in it for the long haul and for the right reasons and that would be because they cared for me. I would probably love and respect the person so deeply for dedicating their time to better me.

MAXINOVA SparkPoints: (29,830)
Fitness Minutes: (15,174)
Posts: 870
5/5/13 12:26 A

Challenged. I dream of becoming a runner.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (588,141)
Fitness Minutes: (353,327)
Posts: 16,705
5/5/13 12:15 A


JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (319,441)
Fitness Minutes: (174,617)
Posts: 17,157
5/4/13 11:06 P

yes, intimidated

JLTRACY Posts: 462
5/4/13 10:13 P

nervous. I'm worried what they are thinking.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
5/4/13 10:01 P

Neither...kind of indifferent, since I've just got a different body in oh, so many ways :)

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
5/4/13 4:31 P

Challenged and movtivated most definitely. When I am on the treadmill on the gym, I am always watching sports as I find it very motivating to watch top athletes at their sport

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
5/4/13 2:04 P

I admire their dedication and ability. But I don't look to them for inspiration. I know I am not an athlete, never have been, never will be.

LOLEMA SparkPoints: (105,894)
Fitness Minutes: (128,714)
Posts: 5,169
5/4/13 2:01 P

heavens no

RENATA144 SparkPoints: (207,563)
Fitness Minutes: (75,250)
Posts: 49,480
5/4/13 1:15 P


LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
5/4/13 12:48 P

I have had a couple of invitations to join someone who had been doing yoga or running for a long time and I didn't feel comfortable accepting because I would be a beginner and would feel like I was holding them back or super clumsy in comparison. I would be more comfortable starting a new fitness activity with others closer to my own level.

RESPONSIBLE4ME SparkPoints: (1,418)
Fitness Minutes: (305)
Posts: 72
5/4/13 10:51 A

mostly challenged but sometimes threatened

5/4/13 10:36 A

I feel challenged mostly, but at the gym when I'm trying to learn how to use the weights properly I feel a little intimidated.

AMARANTHA120S Posts: 474
5/4/13 9:52 A

I am physically fit for the place I am in life, so I am not threatened by any other athletic people.

However, no one ever offers to exercise with me.

REJ7777 Posts: 4,027
5/4/13 9:23 A

Challenged and motivated.

DLBROWN93 Posts: 889
5/4/13 9:19 A


SHERYLDS Posts: 17,484
5/4/13 9:18 A

When someone who is physically fit offers to exercise with you
Do You feel
Supported emoticon
Threatened emoticon
Challenged emoticon
Afraid you won't Keep Up emoticon
OTHER emoticon

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