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8/4/13 7:49 A

I don't have one, but my daughter really loves hers - makes all kinds of healthy things in it.

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8/3/13 9:26 A

I say yes because I do not add anything until the rice is being plated for the meal and I don't have to watch it or keep the stove going to keep it warm.

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7/29/13 11:57 A

I bought the Hamilton Beach rice cooker. It is a smaller one which means I can make as little as 2 cups of rice at once. Some of them said you needed to cook at least 4 cups. It comes with a small plastic steamer basket. (not crazy about the plastic) My book says to add the steamer with veggies near the end of the rice cooking process depending on what veggies you use. I am LOVE LOVE LOVING this little cooker. Sometimes I pull it out just to use as a steamer for our veggies and they taste wonderful. My kids love sushi and it is so much easier to make the sushi rice in the cooker too. No boiling over on my stove and I can turn it on and walk away. It even has a delay start on it so you can put your oatmeal in it and have cooked oats waiting for you at breakfast. I think a rice cooker with a steamer definitely motivates me to cook healthier meals. I really need some rice recipes though.

7/26/13 2:44 P

We have a rice cooker with a big metal steamer basket and I love it. We don't use the steamer basket as much, I should probably try it more. I think making a chart of the steaming times for various vegetables would be helpful. Most vegetables will be steamed before the rice is cooked. I did notice that we have to ad a lot of extra liquid for brown rice. I don't think any of the rice cookers come with good recipe books. Although there are probably some good recipes out there.

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7/14/13 11:55 A

Thanks for your thoughts. My family likes rice and I am trying to move them away from the packaged stuff and to some healthier rice. They also like me to make sushi rice which I find a real pain and someone told me that I really needed a rice cooker to have great rice. After looking into a rice cooker I started seeing these layered steamers and started wondering if they would be better. I do need to purge my kitchen of a few things to make room in my cupboards. Time to force myself to eliminate some of the Tupperware.

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7/14/13 11:43 A

Steamers are great for steaming, naturally! OTOH, you can get the same result by using a double-boiler or any other pot with an insert. I've even used my regular cooking pot with a big strainer set inside it. Depends on how big a batch you're hoping to cook, I guess.

"Healthy" is the nutritional content of the food. You can get that by many methods. Rice isn't on my radar anymore, alas, so I wouldn't be using it for that. I do have a steamer; it has a couple stacking baskets. But I find it's more of a nuisance to pull it out and use it than to just put things in my steamer pot. I think it would be more convenient to use a multiple steamer appliance if I was making something with several components, though.

Depends on your plan for usage! More gadgets don't necessarily make for better cooking. Don't get carried away: I have so many thingies here I can't even get to them all. My kitchen isn't big enough to keep them out where they can be used easily!

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7/14/13 1:21 A

I am thinking about getting a Hamilton Beach simplicity programmable rice cooker. It has a small plastic steamer basket. I have never used a rice cooker before and am wondering if they really do make healthier meals.

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