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9/26/12 10:18 P

Thank you all. I did go to my gym and scheduled a body fat analysis. They did measure my waist and told me that my waist to height ratio was favorable at .46. I'm going to just keep active and eat whole foods. If I lose weight good but if I don't I am ok with that also.

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9/26/12 7:47 P

Health is always more complicated than a number, even than a whole slough of numbers. Ask your doc. why he wants 10 more off...if he is looking at charts rather than you, maybe he needs to examine the patient. But...maybe he has a reason. In any case, don't be surprised if it takes longer to lose the last 10 than it did a ton before; bodies seem conservative by nature.

Good success to you.

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9/26/12 12:21 P


I agree. There really is no "ideal" weight for a person. The problem is that some doctors don't take lean muscle into account when they look at a person's weight. The more lean muscle a person carries, the heavier they will be. BMI only compares a person's height to their weight. So, someone who is very fit and athletic will be heavier than someone who isn't fit.

There are plenty of skinny fat people out there. You may have heard that term before. A skinny fat person is someone at a supposedly healthy weight for their height, BUT still carries a high body fat percentage because they are not active. Active people are heavy, but they aren't fat. The weight comes from that lean muscle.

So, don't assume you're overweight because the doctor thinks you need to lose 10 more pounds. If you're very athletic, you probably carry all that extra lean muscle. If so, you might not really need to lose that 10 pounds.

Some doctors think that thinner is better. No, FITTER is better. A person can carry a few extra pounds and still be healthy as long as they eat right and get some regular exercise. There really are plenty of unfit thin people out there. Being thin doesn't necessarily mean healthy or fit. I can't tell you how many size 2 women I know who couldn't do a push up if their life depended on it.

If your blood numbers are excellent, don't let your doctor goad you into trying to lose more weight. You may well be at a very healthy weight for your height. Your numbers seem to show you're pretty healthy.

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9/26/12 11:08 A

Ihave always pondered the same thing. But I once was my ideal weight and felt worse than when I was comfortable in my weight and healthy. I had no real muscle because I wanted to lose the pounds and be the right "numbers." I gained weight by putting on muscles and became a 155 pound woman in a size 9 jean. I was happy. Now if I can get that way again, I would really love it!

9/26/12 9:39 A

listen to coach Nancy! At my last checkup they told me to lose weight because I was over my BMI by 2 kg (I think - I don't understand kilos), but not for fat or waist/hip ratio. I think I was fine and healthy. Now I've lost a bit and feel better but I think I was fine before.

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9/26/12 8:35 A


While I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, as someone who has attended seminars with some of the country's leading sports RD's, there is no 'ideal' weight for any of us. What matters more than the number on the scale is your body composition. How much body fat you have in relation to your lean body mass (bone, muscle and organ/ connective tissue). Many gyms offer this service for free or a nominal fee to members, so if you are a member you may check. Just know that bio-impedence scales are not very accurate and have a good margin of error.

I will add that our bodies are supposed to change as we get older, but that doesn't mean for the worse either. We can't compare our teen body to our 20, 30 etc body, because there are so many factors that come into play.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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9/26/12 6:43 A

From what I understand you can be above your ideal weight and healthy as long as your body fat percentage is in a healthy range. Think of muscular guys, they are all above healthy range weight wise but often in a healthy fat percentage range.

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9/26/12 5:22 A

A BMI is only a rough guide. It doesn't tell you what % fat you have, which would probably be a better guide. If you feel that you are happy where you are now, why don't you go to a Gym and ask them to do a fat measurement. I think that they have a few points of the body that they measure to get an accurate overview. I think the Dr COULD possibly take into account your risk factors, too - like family history with heart-related conditions, arthritis or skeletal problems, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, Diabetes, etc. etc.

My Dr told me a couple kg ago that he didn't want me to lose any more weight. I did, and even now, my BMI is slightly higher - nearly 26, but I have no interest in dropping further. My bloods came back really healthy after having been very high cholesterol (on meds and eating very healthily for many years) and my HbA1c had put me in the borderline pre-Diabetic range, too. Now they are all perfectly normal, and have been since about 8kg ago.

Hope that this is food for thought.


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9/26/12 4:30 A

I have just gotten back all my labs from the Doctor, all results are in the normal range. Best health I have been in since my teens. I am still 12 to 20 pounds overweight according to the BMI standard. My doctor told me just 10 more pounds and he would consider me at an ideal weight. When I was younger the doctor was happy with my weight, which by the way was only 4 pounds lighter than I am today. Do you need to get thinner as you get older? How did they figure out this ideal weight range in the first place?

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