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JSELLERS23 Posts: 68
9/10/09 10:55 A

I have always peeled my eggplant. I grow my own (rather we have a family garden) and we peel them because they aren't as bitter if you do. To me, green eggplant is the most bitter. We've also grown white and purple. I love eggplant lol

60SIXTY Posts: 25,074
9/10/09 2:37 A

No, especially if it is a small one, which would be more tender.

AJCOELHO SparkPoints: (26,164)
Fitness Minutes: (69,292)
Posts: 791
9/9/09 11:54 P

I never peel eggplant. However, I soak it in salt prior to preparation.

NRKEVO Posts: 339
9/8/09 11:23 A

I usually don't peel most fruits and veggies unless I have to; like avocado & banana. Never having had eggplant before I didn't know if the skin was edible. Good thing it is because I cooked it and ate it before I received a response from anyone here!

By the way, the recipe turned out AWESOME!


MSKITYOCAT SparkPoints: (89,616)
Fitness Minutes: (26,781)
Posts: 2,361
9/8/09 11:13 A

I never peel the eggplant. by using the salt before cooking it really takes care of the bitterness. I add sea salt to the sliced eggplant and let it stand for about 10 min and it sweats and away goes the bitterness with the blotting.

E_JUST_E SparkPoints: (10,193)
Fitness Minutes: (5,699)
Posts: 454
9/6/09 8:07 P

This is a matter of preference. It is like peeling an apple or eating the skin of a baked potato. I like the peels and never peel it (and are full of nutrients and fiber.) I know people who cannot deal with the taste and have to peel it

*FAFA* Posts: 2,720
9/6/09 4:44 P

I almost never peel my eggplant.
I always always wash it and take a tiny piece of it with the peeling and taste it raw. If it is bitter, I throw it away. I have used them without tasting first and it ruins the whole dish.
Now there are people who don't agree with me but I have heard that if you look at the bottom of the eggplant there is either a round shape or an oval shape like how a tomato has one too. I have always gone for the ones with an oval shape and since I have done this I have never had a bitter one.
By the way I always taste my zucchini with the skin raw as well sometimes the skin can be bitter as well.
Funny thing I made roasted vegetable ratatouille last night and used only half the eggplant so tonight it is eggplant parmesan.
I just discovered that since eggplant turns brown rather quickly once exposed to the air, I put a piece of plastic wrap over the exposed part of the eggplant and it still looks beautiful this morning.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
9/4/09 6:25 A

I dont tend to peel, they hold together in chunks better when I make ratatouille or curry, not made that recipe, but I would presume it would still work.

NRKEVO Posts: 339
9/3/09 7:29 P

I'm making Eggplant Parmesan and the recipe states to peel the eggplant... Do I have to?

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